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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


Spring outing GOODS

Around this time, I started to feel warm and warm. The season to look forward to going out has arrived. This time, we will introduce the perfect items for walking and going out.

We have selected items such as tote bags, newsboys, skin-friendly organic cotton arm covers and snoods.
Not only is it fashionable, but it is also perfect for UV protection that gets stronger from early spring! . From outings to daily shopping, picking up and dropping off children's lessons, driving a car or bicycle, working in the garden, etc. All of them are convenient and easy to use for any occasion.

We also picked up cute accessories that will make you feel excited with the spring weather. It will surely make your outings even more fun with a glimpse of spring-like freshness from your ears and hands.

Please find your favorite items and enjoy the cheerfulness of spring!

Recommended item pick-up for spring outing

[Choose from 2 colors] ORGANIC GARDEN Non-squeezing arm cover 1,870

REAL STANDARD life Kurashiki canvas No. 9 x Himeji leather tote bag “BC Luton HELMETBAG” S size 10,000

[Choose from 2 colors] SO PHAT denim hat 8,470

[Choose from 12 colors] Hand-dyed Meya Loop-knit Tenjiku Organic Cotton Natural Dyed Snood 3,850

kobooriza - Kobo Oriza - Mojiri weave arm cover 3,960

REAL STANDARD life Kurashiki canvas No. 9 tote bag “Luton HELMETBAG” S size 6,600

[Choose from 5 colors] kobooriza Kobo Oriza Cotton 100% Tricolor Stole N 4,950

Butler Verner Sails Tochigi Leather Molded Leather Drawstring Shoulder 8,800

List of recommended items for spring outings

Recommended accessory pick-up for spring

S Japanese pattern accessory artist Saori Miura Sakura coin necklace reversible 10k yellow gold/10k pink gold 22,000

DECOvienya Handmade accessories Clover ear cuffs7,700

naturama Round cat and daisy pin brooch 6,930

List of recommended accessories for spring