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Accessory special feature heralding the arrival of spring

It's getting more and more easy to spend the daytime these days, when it's spring every time it rains.
I can't wait for the light spring! For such an exciting season, we will introduce cute items that you can glimpse from your ears and hands. Cherry blossom motif necklaces and flower motif brooches that Japanese people like. Pick up accessories that add color to your spring outfit, such as glittering butterfly earrings!
Items that make you feel gorgeous just by looking at them are perfect for the upcoming season, whether for yourself or as a gift.

Wear it in the warm air of spring and enjoy being stylish and radiant... For those of you who are like that, this is a proposal from the craft cafe.

Ranked first in my favorite flower ranking! Sakura motif accessories

S Japanese pattern accessory artist Saori Miura Sakura coin necklace reversible 10k yellow gold/10k pink gold 22,000

[Choose from 28 colors of leather! ] S Japanese pattern accessory artist Saori Miura Kasumi Sakura flat silver ring with leather 8mm 29,150

S Sakura Earrings Sakura Two Type Silver 2 piece set 15,290

S Kasumi Sakura openwork flat ring silver 10mm 26,400

List of cherry blossom motif accessories

Delicate floral motifs heralding the arrival of spring

naturama “Daisy Ring” Silver 925 Brass 6,930

sasakihitomi Accessory Artist Hitomi Sasaki Clover Earrings Silver 925 Set of 2 12,100

DECOvienya Handmade accessories Clover ear cuffs7,700

Silver Studio AramaRoots Goronneko and Daisy pin brooch 6,930

Flower motif accessories list

Feel light! Motifs such as butterflies and bees

sasakihitomi Accessory artist, Hitomi Sasaki Bee and Kogi ring Silver 18K gold coating 13,200

[Choose from 2 types] Silver Workshop AramaRoots Blue Morpho Butterfly Necklace M size 11,000

marship Handcrafted accessories Crown feather gold pendant 12,870

DECOvienya handmade accessories baby rabbit and clover ring 16,500

List of Ikimono Motif Accessories