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[Limited to 100 models! ] Zen (ZEN) Kyoto Yuzen hand-painted jeans revival! Taketora eyepatch Limited version [KD001-01-2]

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[Limited to 100 models! ]
Zen (ZEN) Kyoto Yuzen hand-painted jeans revival! Taketora Eyepatch Limited Edition
A number of traditional techniques that were born and developed together with the ancient city of Kyoto, which has a history and culture of 1200 years...and world-class cutting-edge technology, the "Kyoto Brand" is now a global flower in terms of "manufacturing". increase.

The original brand "ZEN", which is particular about Kyoto, is made with the desire to convey the culture of Kyoto to the world! “Zen” was launched in 2005, and has been featured in many fashion magazines, and has already started overseas expansion. The real thing that resonates with the hearts of consumers is being proposed from Kyoto to the world as "KYOTO STYLE"!

The hand-painted model of “Zen” jeans is a very rare product that cannot be mass-produced. Since it is a very high quality painting that is all done by hand, it can only be drawn by skilled craftsmen in the Japanese clothing industry.

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Original jeans produced in the Kojima area of ​​Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, which is the number one denim production area in Japan, and a kimono Yuzen painter in Kyoto hand-painted each one. Because each piece is hand-painted, the touch of each item varies slightly depending on the strength of the brush, making it a rare item that does not exist in the world exactly the same!

This "Resurrection! "Taketora Eyepatch Version" is a rare jeans revived in a limited quantity with the "Taketora" pattern, which was popular in the early design among the hand-painted jeans of "Zen"! Like last year's popular design of a dragon with an eyepatch, "Dokuganryu", this time, too, the design is finished with a more powerful design than the previous design, with an eyepatch of "Zen".

Hand-drawn up

More hand-drawn up

≪The height of the model is 176 cm (male) and wears 32 inches≫

A powerful tiger coming out of a bamboo grove... A tiger with an eyepatch is full of playfulness...

The tiger staring at you with a sharp expression looks like it's about to attack you! ! Parts of the tiger's body and powerful eyes are painted with gold, giving it a three-dimensional feel and dynamism, as well as a festive atmosphere. Also, the small bamboo drawn on the right knee of the jeans and the bamboo grove drawn with perspective on the left side are nice! It is one that you can wear luxuriously with the expression unique to hand-painting.

Of course, you can wear it with a simple top to make the hand-painted look stand out, but you can also wear it with a shirt or jacket for a stylish look!

Details of each part

Zipper fly front


Daruma Daishi patch

piss name

Wabi-sabi stitch

The front part has a zipper fly, and wasabi and maroon colors are used for the sleek and stitching to express "wabisabi".
The back style is also a highlight of the leather patch with a strong presence designed by the brand character "Daruma Daishi"!
Daruma Daishi, the founder of Zen Buddhism, is glaring against the background of the sunrise! This design has a strong belief and the meaning of creating from now on.
In addition, the right back pocket has an original piss name, and you can feel the attention to detail.

Size chart
Made from 13.5 ounce denim fabric made in Japan with uneven yarn, and one-washed. Even after washing, there is almost no shrinkage.

Waist measurements are internal dimensions (measured from the inside of the jeans).

Please check the size with your jeans before ordering.

Item Number KD001-01-2
Material/processing 100% cotton, hand-painted Kyoto Taketora eyepatch version
size 10 sizes of 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 inches
★ 42 and 44 inches are +2,000 yen + tax.

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