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KINO (Kino) handmade watch hand winding mechanical back skeleton mekanyan [MEKANYAN]

Original price €204,41 - Original price €204,41
Original price
€204,41 - €204,41
Current price €204,41

[Made-to-order] 1 month to 1.5 months / Ships in 1 to 2 business days if in stock

KINO is a handmade watch brand created by watch artist Kinouchi. We have a wide selection of watches that shine with creative designs and delicate handcraftsmanship.

Please enjoy the unique personality that is different from mass-produced watches and the warmth that can only be achieved by handicrafts!

The popular "Mechanyan" series is now available as an automatic winder!
It's a really cute item with cats scattered all over the place.

Recommended for cat lovers as well as those who like a mechanical atmosphere!

There is a black cat who watches the gears turn from the top of the bridge.

Introducing a charming mechanical watch with a cat motif! The design features a black cat intently observing the gears turning from atop the bridge.

A tail grows from the number "2", and the second hand is also in the shape of a cat, making it truly a cat! It's irresistible for cat lovers. The color also matches the belt.

The combination of cute cats and mechanical movements creates a fantastic worldview.

Crown part

The thick brass case allows you to enjoy aging.

Rotor design is arabesque style

The long and short hands are luminescent and glow fluorescent even in the dark.

The case has a large diameter of 35mm, making it a model with a strong presence. The strap that supports the heavy watch body has a texture that is approximately 2.5 mm thick.

The case back is also skeletonized, allowing you to enjoy the movement of the movement on both sides.

The more you use the brass case, the more it ages, so you can enjoy the change in texture. The eye-catching mechanical design is perfect for accenting your outfit!

The material used for the belt is Italian cowhide.

Buckle part

Moist and shiny Italian cowhide belt

Buckle part


The belt can accommodate arm circumferences up to 18 cm.
*If your actual arm circumference is 18cm or more and you would like the belt to be longer, please write your desired size in the notes section when purchasing.

It has an outstanding presence and is perfect as an accent to your coordination!
The size is just right so both men and women can wear it comfortably.

Wearing (women, arm circumference approx. 14cm)
The design is easy for women to wear.

Worn (male, arm circumference approx. 17cm) The mechanical atmosphere is cool!

Also recommended as a gift.

The eye-catching mechanical design is perfect for accenting your outfit!

It goes well with casual styles and natural clothes. Also, it can be worn by both men and women.

This watch is made for cat lovers, and is recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, etc.

Please choose the color of your belt.
The color of the "2" with a tail changes to match the belt.

You can choose from 8 colorful belt colors.
Mix and match your favorite colors to create your own special piece.


Function/Material [Movement] Mechanical/automatic with manual winding function [Windshield] Glass [Case] ​​Brass [Back cover] Stainless steel/glass [Belt] Italian cowhide
size [Case] ​​Diameter: Approx. 35.5mm/Thickness: Approx. 10.5mm
[Belt] Maximum width: approx. 17mm/thickness: approx. 2.5mm
[Supported arm circumference] Maximum approximately 18cm/minimum approximately 13cm

*If you would like an arm circumference of 18cm or more, please write your desired size in the notes section when purchasing.
Producing area Made in Japan (domestic)

Points to note

■As each item is handmade, details may vary slightly between individual items. We hope that you understand this as one of the features and charms of handmade watches before placing your order.

■As it is not waterproof, please be careful when using it on rainy days or around water.
■Warranty period: 1 year (only internal failures are covered by warranty)

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