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[Limited stock] nuri candle Candle artist Noriko Fukuma Handmade candle “Mushroom” [NU-CRL-KINOKO01]

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Original brand “nuri candle” by Noriko Fukuma, a handmade candle artist based in Kyoto. Based on the concept of “making candles like drawing a picture”, they create wonderful candles that are full of originality in design, pattern, color combination, etc. every day.

There are vivid colors in the clear and gentle colors, and there are animals and plants such as mushrooms, birds, and sheep as motifs... Mr. Fukuma's candles are like a fantastic picture book. The atmosphere is overflowing.

Attractive things exude the expression of the creator... Please heal your heart with a wonderful candle like the personality of Noriko Fukuma, who has a dignified core strength in a gentle atmosphere.

cute colorful mushrooms with colon

Cologne and colorful mushroom candles!

The soft, hand-made form looks like a real mushroom! The shaft spreads downward, and the bottom part is cut straight for stability.

Also, if you look closely at the polka dots on the mushrooms, you can see that each one is drawn by hand, and you can feel the gentleness of handmade.

Arrange mushrooms in a corner of the room like a forest, place them as a little point, or arrange them according to the room and atmosphere.

You can choose from 10 meals! I want to have all colors

There are 10 mushroom colors in all! (The red and rose colors are a little similar.) You'll want to collect all the colors♪
All of them are soft and gentle colors that will heal you just by looking at them, so we recommend arranging them in various colors and decorating them in your room as an interior decoration.

When the fire is lit, the warm light and gentle colors spread softly, creating a healing space.

Relax in your room, relax after a bath, or just before going to bed.
It's colorful and cute even if you line up mushroom candles of various colors and light them up♪

Why not make your home time a little more luxurious with warm and gentle candle light?

Notes on ordering and handling
As this is a handmade product, it may take up to 2 weeks for production. In addition, it may take time to make large orders such as gifts for wedding guests. If you are concerned about the delivery date, please feel free to contact us.
If you have small children in your home, please be careful not to put it in your mouth by mistake.
Depending on when the product arrives, the design of the tag attached to the wick of the candle may change without prior notice. If you are interested in the details, please feel free to contact us.
Item Number NU-CRL-KINOKO01
material paraffin wax
size Overall height: about 7 cm / umbrella part diameter: about 4 cm
(There are some individual differences)

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