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YoriTo Mikawa Cotton Sashiko Color Pants Ink Dyed [YD0002-04]

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Mikawa Cotton Sashiko Color Pants Sumi-zome


The brand "YoriTo" was born from the desire to pass on traditional Japanese culture from the past to the present, and from the present to future generations. It is also a sister brand of the Japanese pattern brand "Zen" from Kyoto.

The brand name "YoriTo" means "twisted thread" that is indispensable for clothing. Based on Japanese culture, technology, materials, ideas, and warmth, it contains the desire to "create a single product by twisting countless threads" such as trends and overseas culture.

Japanese pattern items have a strong image, but YoriTo offers contemporary items such as one-wash jeans accented with sashiko fabric from Mikawa cotton, a regionally certified brand, and three-quarter sleeve shirts made from high-quality French linen that has been naturally dyed. Develop more casual items that match your lifestyle.

By sublimating the good old traditions of Japan into a modern lifestyle and adding the spice of playfulness, we will create new items with free ideas that make you feel more familiar with tradition.

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"Sumi-zome" colored pants made by hand-dying soft Katsuragi fabric with India ink. Sumi-zome, which is neither black nor gray, has a deep and uneven taste that is not found in product dyeing.

Sumizome is an ancient Japanese dyeing method in which threads and cloth are soaked in ink made from pine or oil. In the spiritual world, ink is considered to be the five colors, or colors, and has been deeply integrated into the Japanese lifestyle and aesthetic sense as the spirit of Zen. Compared to other vegetable dyes, the subtle hues of sumi-zome are more resistant to fading, and have excellent UV protection and deodorizing effects. In addition, it has a history of being heavily used as a fragrance since ancient times, and is said to have a healing effect.

Wearing example / front

front enlargement

Houndstooth fabric for coin pocket and belt loops
The model is 177cm tall (male) and wears a 32 inch ≪Click the image to enlarge≫

Black side stitching is done by hand around the left waist of the pants. Houndstooth fabric is casually placed on the belt loop and the coin pocket on the left front pocket. The left and right back pockets are made of sashiko fabric from Mikawa cotton, a regionally certified brand, to enhance design and originality.

Wearing example, bag
back enlargement
The back pocket is made of Mikawa cotton sashiko fabric.

The silhouette of the pants is loosely tapered from the inseam to the hem while the waist and rise are slightly loose. As a result, it is comfortable to wear and has a beautiful silhouette when worn.

From casual styles such as T-shirts and cut-and-sews, to shirt-and-jacket styles, this item gives off a presence that is different from normal colored pants.

Katsuragi fabric is known as a fabric that is often used for work pants along with denim. It is durable and thick yet soft, so you can wear it hard.

Hand-stitched by artisans

Button fly on the front

Enlarged sumizome fabric


The sashiko fabric used for the back pocket is known as a durable and practical material used for judo and kendo uniforms and dish towels. Due to the unevenness of the sashiko fabric, it has excellent durability, heat retention, and moisture absorption, and has been handed down to this day as a "good quality cotton fabric" that feels good on the skin.

Color unevenness occurs in hand-dyed fabrics, resulting in a deep color that is different from product dyeing. The expression is different one by one, and you can enjoy a unique taste.

Item Number YD0002-04
place of production made in Japan
material 100% cotton
Crepe fabric: 100% polyester
Size development 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 inches

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