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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

2022 Christmas Special -Handmade Clocks-

A watch is a sure-fire Christmas gift.
As a Christmas present for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself for your hard work, why not choose one of your favorites instead of the standard?

At the craft cafe, we handle various handmade wristwatches and wall clocks that are unique to handmade products. You can enjoy the details and innovative ideas that are carefully made one by one, and it will definitely be the best gift for Christmas!

Wristwatch [Quartz]

ARKRAFT Handmade Watch “PATRICE OCEAN” Premium Strap Pueblo Camel 27,500

KINO Handmade Watch Change World SUN & MOON 28,050

Watanabe Kobo handmade watch "Caramel Box-S & M-JB" 38mm cushion type brass case SUN & MOON Roman numeral bezel 28,600

Wristwatch [Quartz] Recommended list

Mechanical (automatic/hand-wound) pickup

Handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic silver / black wine brown 37,400

Watanabe Kobo Handmade Watch Open Heart Manual Winding Brass Cushion Case 38mm/34mm Arabic Numerals Sewing Stitch Belt 31,900 - 34,100

vie (Vee) handmade watch hand winding type “GEAR” 19,800

Mechanical / Self-winding Recommended List

ladies watch pickup

ARKRAFT Handmade Watch “Curtis Boys” Roman Numeral Premium Strap 22,000

vie handmade watch “Pastel drop” double belt ladies 15,400

Watanabe Kobo Handmade Watch "Silver Armlet 3" Ladies Silver SUN & MOON 12 o'clock Swarovski 30,800

Women's watch recommendation list