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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account
500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

Spring new life feature

Spring is the season when new life begins, such as moving, entering kindergarten, entering school, and getting a job!
Those who are taking a new step, those who are starting a new life... Even if you are a little uneasy, if you can make new personal items, you would like to welcome your new life comfortably. Also, even if the environment changes, I think that there are many people who think that they can make a change in their lifestyle and think, “I have a fresh start!”

At the craft cafe, we have collected items that are perfect for such people. Add your favorite items and start the spring of 2022 comfortably!

Happy to receive a job celebration gift pick-up product

We will introduce wallets, business card holders, and wristwatches that are perfect for gifts that everyone will be happy to receive. We have collected such items as "I am particular about it, but it is suitable for my age and can be used for a long time."
Not only can you use it yourself, but if your acquaintances and relatives are going to work this spring, check it out!

Leather workshop PARLEY "Parley Classic" bi-fold long wallet premium (without coin purse) royal blue 27,500

ANNAK Tochigi leather Boston bag S size Washed leather Beige 35,200

COTOCUL round zipper long wallet black leather (Kurozangawa) genuine indigo dyeing 39,600

Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic” card & smart key case 8,250

Job celebration gift list

New life in spring! Discerning interior miscellaneous goods

If the items you see every day are your favorite, wouldn't you feel a little happier? We have collected such interior goods that you want to add to the interior of your room.
It is also recommended as a housewarming gift!

Bronze sculptor Koizumi Tadashi Kobito's table clock "Goodbye at 9pm." 8,700

Bronze sculptor Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's ring stand "Rainy Day Promise" 6,700

Job celebration gift list