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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account
500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

Bright color feature

It's getting warmer these days, why don't you take in brightly colored items? With just one eye-catching bright color item, you can enjoy a fashionable look!
Even if you have the impression that bright colors are flashy... it seems difficult... it's okay! Even if you say "bright color" in one bite, there are various types and impressions depending on the difference in dyes and materials. It's easy to add as an accent color, and it will give your outfit a fresh atmosphere for this year.
Please find your favorite “bright color item” at the craft cafe.


Attention again this year! bright green pickup

[2 smart keys, cards, banknotes, etc. can be stored] ANNAK smart key case wallet Himeji leather 12,100

ZOO L-shaped zipper long wallet Italian leather embossed block check pattern cheetah wallet 3 19,800

KINO handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic black 37,400

REAL STANDARD life Kurashiki canvas No. 9 x Himeji leather tote bag “BC Luton HELMETBAG” S size 10,000

Green item recommendation list

Gentle Pink, Cheerful Red

Tezomeya Hand-dyed plain organic T-shirt short sleeve “Tokiiro” 8,800

[Choose from 28 colors of leather! ] S Japanese pattern accessory artist Saori Miura Kasumi Sakura Necklace Pendant top Silver 30,800

[Choose from 2 colors] ORGANIC GARDEN Non-squeezing arm cover UV care 100% organic cotton Ladies 1,650

ANNAK Tochigi leather Boston bag S size Washed leather 35,200

[Watanabe workshop handmade watch “On Time-B” clear red dial men's brass 20,900

Free mail shipping] [8 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY “ELK” Finland Elk smart key case [FE-68] 7,150

List of recommended pink and red items

Joyful yellow, lively orange pickup

REAL STANDARD life Kurashiki canvas No. 9 tote bag “Luton HELMETBAG” S size 6,600

sasakihitomi Accessory artist Hitomi Sasaki Mimosa Earrings Brass 18k Gold Coating 17,600

vie handmade watch Shigaraki ware dial yellow XL size handmade watch Tochigi leather genuine leather pottery Shiga made in Japan 27,500

ZOO Elephant Leather Ocelot Wallet 2 Round Zipper Long Wallet 36,300

Hand-dyed Meya Hand-dyed plain hanging organic T-shirt short sleeve “Niiro” 9,350

[Choose from 2 colors] MOUNTAIN DA CHERRY Kurashiki No. 4 Canvas Rope Tote Bag Unbleached x Pig Suede 12,980

List of recommended yellow and orange items

Refreshing blue pickup

graphzero reversible short pants -native- purple 16,500

[Choose from 2 types] Silver Workshop AramaRoots Blue Morpho Butterfly Necklace M size 11,000

vie handmade watch “Watch” Japanese paper dial beads navy L size 20,900

Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic” card & smart key case 8,250

List of recommended blue items