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pure blue japan 10.5 oz indigo hickory painter pants with apron for men and women [1038-2-hickory]

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“pure blue japan” is a brand that mainly develops jeans in Kojima, Kurashiki, which is the home of domestic jeans. As the brand name suggests, we are manufacturing with a strong attachment to the color blue. The items of "pure blue japan" are mainly simple and basic, but by knowing the dyeing method, material, and the characteristics of the weaving of the fabric, and adding some touches, we have created a unique texture that cannot be found anywhere else. increase.

This [10.5 oz. indigo hickory apron with painter pants] is a painter pants that is a little different from the others with a lot of ingenuity. The biggest feature is the detachable apron, which can be attached to either the front or the back, and of course you can wear it even when it is removed. It is a popular model that is popular with both men and women who can enjoy various variations with one!

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We started with the idea of ​​``Let's make pants without overalls!'' and thought, ``It would get in the way if the apron were on the front.

The fabric is 10.5 ounces that is easy to move around in, and the distressed finish makes it look like work pants. In addition, the stripe pitch is narrower than regular hickory, adding a sharp atmosphere.

Wearing example / front



Wearing example/after

Bottom part
≪The model is 170cm tall (male) and is wearing size 0 (32 inches)≫

Wide silhouette like work pants, cute casual atmosphere. The apron has 4 large pockets, and the point is that it has a large amount of storage, and is excellent in both design and functionality.

Pure blue japan's painter pants series with aprons are loved by "professionals" like interior decorators, and are finished as work pants that are quite active in outdoor scenes such as fishing. It is also recommended to roll up the hem and wear it more casually.

Details of each part & variations of wearing examples (click to enlarge)

detachable apron

Front with apron removed

Example of wearing the apron on the back

The apron, which has a large amount of storage, is designed to be attached by inserting it into the belt loop that can be removed with a snap button. The belt loops on the back are also attached with the same spacing and specifications as the front, and an apron can be attached to the back as well.

Precautions before ordering
We are very sorry that we cannot meet customers face to face, but we ask that you ask a nearby vendor to repair the hem after the product arrives. Instead, the shipping fee, COD fee, and NP deferred payment fee will be free.
We make every effort to keep the stock in stock, but depending on the timing of your order, there may be cases where the product is out of stock. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we appreciate your understanding in advance.
Item Number 1038-2-hickory
production area Made in Kurashiki/Kojima (Okayama Prefecture)
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton
size Available in 6 sizes: 0 (28 inches), 1 (30 inches), 2 (32 inches), 3 (34 inches), 4 (36 inches), and 5 (38 inches). Unisex model.