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pure blue japan Army Pullover T-shirt White Long Sleeve Men's/Women's [5257-WH]

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pure blue japan

Army Pullover T-shirt White Long Sleeve Men's Women's

“pure blue japan” is a brand that mainly develops jeans in Kojima, Kurashiki, which is the home of domestic jeans. As the brand name suggests, we are manufacturing with a strong attachment to the color blue. The items of "pure blue japan" are mainly simple and basic, but by knowing the dyeing method, material, and the characteristics of the weaving of the fabric, and adding some touches, we have created a unique texture that cannot be found anywhere else. increase.

This [Army pullover T-shirt black long sleeves men's/women's 5257] is finished with a vintage feel one-point print, rustic iron buttons, and sewing with 4-needle stitching, making it a simple yet attention-grabbing item. How about casually incorporating an army style into your usual style?

Wearing example / front



Wearing example/after

Vintage print on chest
Model is 160cm tall and is wearing ladies size S (1)
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The basic sewing of the whole is by 4-needle stitching, which is used for vintage sweatshirts. Four-needle stitching is also known as "flat seams", and as the name suggests, the seams are flat, and the seams do not leave marks on the skin, improving comfort. In addition, the 4-needle stitching has excellent strength and adds an accent to the design.

The army-like print on the chest is also cute, so you can casually incorporate it into a variety of outfits. It's easy to match with denim, khaki or beige bottoms, and it looks great with sneakers or boots!

If you're a woman, it's cute to pair with denim skirts, shorts, striped pants, and other nautical styles♪ Regardless of gender, feel free to enjoy the army style!

Details of each part (click to enlarge)

Iron buttons and 4-needle stitching

4-needle stitching and sleeves

logo on the left side

The rustic iron buttons, the placket with a patch cloth, and the 4-needle stitches that differ from the color of the fabric are accents even in the simple design.

The uncut stitching on the sleeves is also one of the design points. This is a detail that can be seen on vintage flannel shirts, etc., and is a remnant of leaving the threads uncut after sewing. The embroidered pure blue japan logo (indigo leaves) on the lower part of the left side is also a point that overlaps with the stitching.

Precautions before ordering
We make every effort to keep the stock in stock, but depending on the timing of your order, there may be cases where the product is out of stock. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we appreciate your understanding in advance.
Item Number 5257-WH
production area Made in Kurashiki/Kojima (Okayama Prefecture)
Material/processing 100% cotton
size 1 (Women's S), 2 (Women's M), 3 (Men's M), 4 (Men's L)