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Btsuchu Kurashiki Koubou Light-on Crazy Coverall Distressed Men's [93140]

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Btsuchu Kurashiki Kobo has another name "REAL BLUE", and as its name suggests, it pursues genuine blue and genuine indigo. It is packed with time, love and commitment.

Based on the concept of “~NEXT COMING HERITAGE, the next tradition~”, they are related to making clothes that make use of techniques and materials such as genuine indigo dyeing passed down from ancient Japan and fabric making using traditional weaving machines. , The products made by sewing and processing by skilled craftsmen are very attractive and comfortable to wear.

A mix of Japanese soothing and American casual (Western) … The wear of Kurashiki Koubou Bitsuchu, where you can feel the unique warmth of the “Fusion of Japanese and Western”, is a deep sense of the man’s desire to pursue “bonds”. It is born from a brand full of charm.

whole front
after the whole
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A work jacket with a rich indigo color and a distressed finish. Inspired by the color fading and wear that has been worn for about two years, it has been subjected to a distressed process that focuses on the details that are unique to craftsmanship. In addition, we added an accent by switching and using three types of fabrics like patchwork.

Wearing example / front

Wearing example/after
The model is 177cm tall (male) and wears a size M. The inner is Btsuchu Kurashiki Kobo Patchwork Long Sleeve Shirt White Men's [93122-WH]
The bottoms are pure blue japan vintage chino pants with high density Murachino <<Click the image to enlarge>>

The body of the jacket has a relaxed silhouette. Light and soft 10 oz light ounce denim is used for the denim fabric, making it easy to move and comfortable to wear. A work jacket with a unique texture is finished in a very compatible atmosphere with chino pants and work pants. It goes well with American casual and marine styles!

Diagonal chest pocket

sleeve part

pocket part


Like a work jacket, it has many pockets. Each one is meticulously processed. The design of the chest pocket is slightly slanted. It has a playful feel, like a coin pocket on jeans, with a double layered pattern and a pocket on the inside of the body.

Item Number 93140
Material/processing 100% cotton
size M, L