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2022 Christmas Special - Handmade Accessories

A special day that comes only once a year, Christmas is here again this year! How about an exceptional gift for your precious family, lover, and friends? At the craft cafe, we have a lot of items that are full of commitment.
In addition to detailed accessories such as standard necklaces and rings, there are also unusual accessories with animal and plant themes such as butterflies, cats, and squirrels!
Everything is unique. It is recommended not only as a gift, but also as a reward for yourself who worked hard!


sasakihitomi shooting star earrings silver 925 brass both ears set ladies 13,200

sasakihitomi Accessory artist, Hitomi Sasaki Moon and Star Earrings S size, Brass Moon & Silver Star 7,980 - 9,9800

naturama rabbit earrings antique gold brass 18KGP one ear 4,400

List of recommended pierced earrings

necklace pickup

small right locket pendant Planisphere necklace silver 38,000

moge Silver accessories Promise of the Moon -Cat- Silver necklace 22,000

naturama rain shelter stoat pendant silver 925 22,000

Necklace Recommended List

ring pickup

moge Handmade silver accessories Silver ring that looked at the same moon Series -Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Giraffe etc.- 26,400 - 28,600

small right handmade accessory belt ring 10,200 - 28,900

DECOvienya Handmade accessories Jackalope and ivy ring Silver 925 Ladies 26,400

Ring recommendation list

accessories other

Bronze sculptor Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's ring stand "important person" 6,700

List of recommended ring stands

Lano handmade accessories copper x brass x silver bonheur bangle 24,200

Recommended List of Bracelets and Hair Accessories

naturama Round cat and daisy pin brooch brass 18k gold 6,930

sasakihitomi Accessory artist Hitomi Sasaki Owl Bookmark Brass & Silver 7,980

Brooch/Object/Bookmark Recommended List