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Te-zomeya “Te-zome-ZERO” 16.5oz Jeans Undyed Distressed [GZ-003USD]

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Tezomeya “Tezomeme-ZERO” 16.5oz Jeans No Dyed Distressed Process

A collaboration between Kyoto's natural dyeing studio Tezome -ya and Kurashiki Kojima's handsome denim brand Graph Zero has released the special "Tezome-ZERO Jeans"!

Mr. Masaaki Aoki, the owner of a hand-dyed shop who loves jeans, had a dream of “I want to make my own original jeans!” I am very happy! !

"Hand-dyed Me-ZERO Jeans" is our popular [graphzero 16.5 oz selvedge jeans] with our own used processing.

The name of the jeans is "Hand-dyed Me-ZERO", but the serious collaboration between "professional dyeing" and "professional denim" is full of highlights!
These are undyed, distressed jeans, but if you wear them normally and get tired of them, you can have them custom-dyed at "Hand Dyed Meya" so you can enjoy them twice.

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Normal denim is 13 to 14 ounces thick, but this "Hand-dyed - ZERO" uses a heavy 16.5 ounces greige fabric (kibata) woven with an old-fashioned power loom. The twill direction of the fabric is an orthodox left-twisted right-hand twill, and the specification is selvedge treated with the same indigo blue as the denim fabric.

The silhouette is straight with a shallow rise. The thick fabric is sewn tightly with extra-thick No. 0 cotton thread, so it has a strong presence! The used processing is based on the jeans actually worn by Mr. Tetsuya Suzuki, the representative of Graph Zero. Mr. Masaaki Aoki, the owner of the hand-dyed shop, said, "It's cool!" when he saw Suzuki's jeans, and he reproduced the discoloration in these jeans.

Wearing example (before)



Wearing example (after)

≪The model is 176 cm tall and is wearing size 0 (32 inches)≫

Graph Zero, a denim brand from Kurashiki and Kojima, has vintage-style jeans, and the front, hips, and back of the knees have been given a natural distressed finish that makes them look like they have been worn for many years.

You can wear it casually with a simple top, or you can wear it with a shirt for a mature look. The nice distressed finish makes the whole outfit look stylish♪

Details of each part (click to enlarge)

Donut button on the front and smart selvedge use

I turned my denim inside out

graphzero and hand dyed patch with logo

The front button uses a simple copper donut button that was often used in jeans in the 1940s. In addition, you can feel the attention to detail in the basic design that is easy to wear, such as using selvedge fabric on the front part!

The pocket sleek (bag cloth) uses an original fabric printed with the parts list of the vintage American industrial sewing machine "Union Special" . The back side is also dyed firmly.

The patch made of canvas is embroidered with traditional Sagara embroidery (characterized by Sagara embroidery, round thread like a ball) with the Tezomeya logo mark and the Graph Zero logo mark. The hemp art supplies patch also has a cute atmosphere!

Precautions before ordering
It may take about a week for production and shipping (if you have to wait longer than that, we will inform you of the delivery date again). This product is well worth the wait, so please place your order after understanding and acknowledging it.
Item Number GZ-003 USD
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton
Patch part: Art material canvas *Jeans will be rope dyed with synthetic indigo
size -2 (28 inches), -1 (30 inches), 0 (32 inches), +1 (34 inches), +2 (36 inches)

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