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[30% OFF Sale] [Limited Stock] graphzero 40s Gacha Poke Work Shirt Long Sleeve Glen Check Mens Womens [GZ-GPID-LSSH2611-GC]

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40s Gacha Poke Work Shirt Long Sleeve Glen Check



Kurashiki Kojima's craftsman denim brand graphzero (graph zero) has released a long-sleeved shirt that incorporates the details of work shirts from the 1940s, such as asymmetrical "gacha poke" chest pockets, indigo thread glen check fabric, and drizzler type cuffs. .

Expressing a fine glen check pattern with indigo dyeing. Like denim, you can enjoy the change over time due to the color fading by wearing it.

front back
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The left and right chest pockets are asymmetrical, and are commonly known as "gacha poke", which can be seen on vintage shirts. The right chest pocket is a long pocket with a reinforced part to insert a pen. The pocket on the left chest is a specification called "plush pocket" that is raised from the main body by folding and sewing the fabric.

It is said that this design was devised in the 1940s, when there was no cellophane for packaging, to prevent cigarettes in pockets from getting damp from sweat. It is a convenient pocket that fits comfortably.

Wearing example, front

Wearing example, bag

The model is 177cm tall and wears a size M. Bottoms are [3 colors to choose from] Wearing graphzero selvedge herringbone baker pants <<Click the image to enlarge>>

The asymmetrical gacha pocket is unique, and it has a slightly relaxed silhouette and comfort. With a texture inspired by work shirts from the 1940s, it looks like it goes well with work pants such as cargo and chino, as well as jeans that have been worn and faded.

Enlarge neck

The design is different on the left and right, so-called "gacha poke"

The vertical right pocket has a pen pocket.

"Plush pocket" where the fabric is folded and floated

Painted brass buttons

The hem is finished with an open ring that leaves the thread of the chain stitch.

Sleeves that can be buttoned and squeezed

fabric expansion

The chain stitch thread that hangs down on the left and right hem is a detail called "Karakan finish" that can be seen on vintage shirts. It is a remnant of leaving the thread uncut after sewing, and it is also one of the points in terms of design. It's OK to cut it to your liking.

The cuffs (cuffs) are designed to be conscious of the sports jacket "Drizzler" that appeared in the 1940s, and can be tightened by fastening the button.

The buttons are painted brass, and the more you use them, the more the paint will come off and the brass will gradually appear, adding to the flavor.

Item Number GZ-GPID-LSSH2611-GC
material 100% cotton
size XXS, XS, S, M, L
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