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graphzero Ladies stealth processing pants Beige x Brown [GZ-L-STL-BE]

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Women's Stealth Processing Pants Beige x Brown

A lady's model appeared from graph zero♪

A special pigment is applied to the surface of the fabric, and a dyeing process called "stealth processing" is applied to dye the front and back in different colors.

A unique and high-level finish that is not found in normal designs and is a bit different is just the work of a craftsman! While incorporating the techniques of Kurashiki and Kojima, the mecca of jeans, we are able to offer reasonable prices because it is a brand that is directly handled by craftsmen.

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At a certain sewing factory in Kojima, which is said to have top-class technical capabilities, we sew using the "Union Special" (an American-made high-end sewing machine sold in the millions), which is capable of chain stitching with extra-thick thread.

Wearing example / front

stealth processing

back pocket

Wearing example/after

Bottom part
≪The height of the model is 164 cm (female), wearing 29 inches≫
The stitching on the back pocket is made with thick 00th thread, and the number "0" is rubbed.

It has a worn-out beard and color fading, and it is a basic item that shines with personality!
It's cute not only for casual coordination with a T-shirt and sneakers, but also for a refreshing look with a striped shirt or striped T-shirt♪

Details of each part (click to enlarge)

Zipper fly front

patch with embroidered logo

Stealth processing part up
The front is easy to wear with a zipper fly, and the khaki on the inside of these pants is the color of the original dye, but the surface is a similar light color. It's cute even if you fold the hem to show the dark color on the inside♪
The canvas patch has traditional Sagara embroidery (characteristic of Sagara embroidery, ball-like round threads) with "graph" and a brown bobbin (cylindrical thread wound on a sewing machine). Parts) are embroidered to express the brand name “Graph Zero”.

The texture of the fabric, solid stitching, and elaborate processing, but it is possible to achieve a reasonable price because it is a brand that is directly handled by craftsmen!

A patch made of canvas art material that incorporates the concept of Graph Zero.

Raw denim patch

patch when worn

Furthermore, the patch when I heard
The Graff Zero jeans have a patch of white art canvas sewn into them. This patch has the meaning of "manufacturing from the zero point of the graph (= craftsmen who are the starting point of jeans production)". Even at the product stage, the "manufacturing" of jeans is not complete, and we have the idea that it will continue as the user wears it.

Item Number GZ-L-STL-BE
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton
Patch part: Painting material canvas Processing: Stealth processing, grinding processing
size 3 sizes of 27, 29 and 31
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