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kobooriza Kobo Oriza Cotton Cap Slub for Men and Women Unisex [K-WC-CC03]

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Kobo Oriza creates stoles and mufflers overflowing with originality using old-fashioned weaving machines. The shop is located deep in the mountains of Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, in a quiet location blessed with nature.

Masatoshi Takeda, the representative who leads Kobo Oriza, is an engineer who used to be the factory manager of a towel manufacturer. While the towel industry is declining year by year, Kobo Oriza's old-fashioned looms are used to create comfortable fashion products one after another.

Kobo Oriza has released a two-color weave cotton cap from the popular "Cotton Cap" series!

Soft 100% cotton cap
12 colors to choose from.

navy x beige

blue x navy

Charcoal x Black

gray x black

green x navy

mustard x beige

Heather Beige x Ecru

Heather Gray x Ecru

Bordeaux x Dark Gray

marron x navy

red x brown

Camel x Ash

Made of 100% cotton that is gentle on the skin and does not irritate the skin, it can be used all year round. It has good moisture absorption, so it is a useful item that can be used not only in the cold season, but also in the sweaty season to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent cold from air conditioning.

With a natural atmosphere, it can be used regardless of the season.

It's very compact, so it's very convenient even when you want to use it on the go. You can use it according to the person's lifestyle.

Since it is woven in a tubular shape, it is gentle and comfortable to wear without the stiff stitching. The rustic texture of the fabric is perfect for natural coordination.

Soft and voluminous multiple twill weave

This product uses a weave called multiple twill weave. "Twill weave" is a fabric with a slanted line pattern, in which two or more warp and weft threads are continuously woven with ups and downs. (a weaving method often used for jeans, etc.)

"Multiple twill weave" is a weaving method in which nodes are created in the twill weave structure and two or more fabrics are woven at the same time as one. It is characterized by being softer and more voluminous than a single twill weave.

You can use it in 8 ways by twisting it or turning it inside out.
A convenient item that allows you to change your outfit depending on your mood.

You can enjoy wearing it in 8 patterns, so it is recommended when you want to change your mood or expand your style.

It has a casual feel that can be worn by both men and women, and can be used as an accent for coordination. Everyone can enjoy it in their own way, such as wearing it as a cylinder to make it a neck warmer, or wrapping it around their head to make it look like a turban.

In addition, it is elastic and easy to adapt to the body, so it can be worn by children and adults. It's fun to find your own original with an arrangement that tickles the fashionable mind of a wide range of generations.

How to make a cotton cap

It's a bit tricky to put back into the cap from the unfolded state, but it's easy once you get used to it because you just have to twist it and turn it inside out. Excellent!

About gift wrapping

We offer free gift wrapping for this item.
(The image is an image of our shop wrapping.)

About the lapping, it becomes entrusting you basically. Please note that the pattern of the wrapping paper and the color and shape of the ribbon may differ depending on the availability of wrapping materials.

If you would like wrapping, please enter "Wrapping hope" in the free entry field when ordering. Our staff will carefully wrap each item according to the item.

Please feel free to use it for celebrations such as birthdays, wedding gifts, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and anniversaries.


Materials/Techniques 100% cotton (made in Japan)
Multiple twill weave
size Head circumference: about 54cm-59cm
(Because it is elastic, the size is a guideline.)
When stretched like a muffler: about 80cm (not including the fringe)
Color You can choose from 12 colors.

Points to note when ordering

We are making every effort to keep the item in stock, but if the item is out of stock, it may take 1-2 weeks to produce and ship. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

Dark colored items may transfer color due to friction when worn. Avoid excessive friction or use in wet locations such as rain.

Also, when wearing, please be careful not to get caught on buttons, earrings, necklaces, zippers, etc.

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