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ZEN hand-painted jeans with violet fabric "Baku" [KD035-02]

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ZEN hand-painted jeans with violet pattern fabric “Baku” [KD035-02]

A number of traditional techniques that were born and developed together with Kyoto, an ancient city with a history and culture of 1200 years...and world-class cutting-edge technology, the "Kyoto Brand" is now a global flower in terms of "manufacturing". increase.

The original brand "ZEN", which is making things that are particular about Kyoto from the desire to convey such Kyoto culture to the world! "Zen" was launched in 2005, and has been featured in many fashion magazines, and has already started overseas expansion. The real thing that resonates with the hearts of consumers is being proposed from Kyoto to the world as "KYOTO STYLE"!

The hand-painted model of “Zen” jeans is a very rare product that cannot be mass-produced. Since it is a very high quality painting that is all done by hand, it can only be drawn by skilled craftsmen in the Japanese clothing industry.

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It is said that the body of a bear, the trunk of an elephant, the eyes of a rhinoceros, the tail of an ox, and the legs of a tiger are said to be similar to that of a tiger, because the gods used the odd parts left over from the creation of animals to create them. .
Jeans with a lively depiction of such a legendary creature, a baku, have appeared!

Baku was originally said to ward off illness and bad spirits, and was depicted as a custom to ward off evil spirits. From there, it came to be used as a lucky item that "eats nightmares."

A baku with a special presence that seems to be a legendary creature... The swaying clouds and the red amaryllis that tightens the whole body are accented, making it a wonderful piece that will catch your eye even more.
Some pockets and the yoke are made with a violet patterned fabric.

*There are individual differences in the fabric of the violet pattern due to the cutting.

Bold and powerful pattern!

Expansion of baku

The yoke and pockets are made of violet patterned fabric.
≪The height of the model is 177 cm (male) and wears 30 inches≫
For tops, wear [Magazine Naturilla x Lorca collaboration] rolca on the notes French linen roll-up shirt for men and women [RO-1230]

This is drawn in the same composition as the hand-painted Japanese pattern T-shirt long sleeve “Baku” black .

A baku that appears on a cloud with fluttering hair and a red amaryllis in its mouth. Full of dynamism, it looks like it will start moving at any moment!
Violet flowers painted white on a black background on the pockets and yoke. Violet flowers with a fleeting impression further enhance the charm of the fantastic baku.

Mysterious and impactful! These bottoms are unique and carefully selected. This item has a strong presence, so we recommend pairing it with a simple shirt or cut and sewn top. For outerwear, bring a black down jacket or a leather jacket for a cool and cohesive look.

A Zen-like item that has a punch and feels classy. Why don't you dress up in style with artistic items full of traditional Japanese beauty?

Zipper fly front Woven label

piss name
Gold patch of Daruma Daishi
Zen original button hem

The front part is easy to wear with a zipper fly. The front top button is an original button with the Zen logo! It is engraved with KYOTO JAPAN, and it has a very strong presence with a design that is exactly like Kyoto denim.

The back style is also a highlight of the gold specification leather patch with a strong presence designed by the brand character "Daruma Daishi"! Daruma Daishi, the founder of Zen Buddhism, is glaring against the background of the sunrise!
Item Number KD035-02
production area [Denim] Made in Kurashiki, Kojima (Okayama Prefecture)
[Pattern] Hand-painted by a Kyoto Yuzen painter
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton
Japanese pattern fabric: Polyester One-washed denim hand-painted by Kyoto Yuzen painter
size 6 sizes of 28・30・32・34・36・38

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