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[Choose from 3 colors! ] ZEN hand-painted Japanese pattern T-shirt short sleeve “Aun no Ssangyong” [KTH0022]

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[Choose from 3 colors! ]
ZEN Hand-painted Japanese Pattern T-shirt Short Sleeve "Aun no Ssangyong"

The "Kyoto Brand" has become a world-famous flower in terms of "manufacturing", such as a number of traditional techniques that were born and developed together with Kyoto, an ancient city with a history and culture of 1200 years... and world-class cutting-edge technology. increase.

The original brand "ZEN", which is making things that are particular about Kyoto from the desire to convey such Kyoto culture to the world! "Zen" was launched in 2005, and has been featured in many fashion magazines, and has already started overseas expansion. From Kyoto to the world, the real thing that resonates with the hearts of consumers is being proposed as "KYOTOSTYLE"!

white front white back
black front black back
navy front navy back
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A T-shirt with an impactful Japanese pattern depicting two dragons "Aun no Ssangyong"!

Aun is a word that expresses exhaling and inhaling breaths, and a proverb expresses that two people are in perfect harmony as "aun breathing". In Buddhism, ā is the first sound you make when you open your mouth, and 吽 is the last sound you make when you close your mouth.

It is sometimes used as a motif for religious images, and the open mouth is called Agyo, and the closed mouth is called Ungyo. A dragon is drawn.

Wearing example, front

Wearing example, bag
The model is 177cm tall (male) and wears M size in each color <<Click the image to enlarge>>

There are three colors, white, black, and navy, and the point is that the colors of the two dragons are also different.

Hand-painted craftsmanship shines here and there, such as the degree of gradation by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. The pattern is powerful, so you can wear it with simple bottoms such as chino pants or jeans for a stylish Japanese pattern style!

How about wearing an artistic item full of traditional Japanese beauty ♪

right shoulder dragon left shoulder dragon
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The dragon is a representative pattern of China, and is said to have appeared since the Yin and Zhou dynasties. The appearance of the dragon is said to be "three-station nine-like", and it is said that the length from neck to shoulder, shoulder to waist, and waist to tail is the same, and it resembles nine animal parts. Because it was believed to be a divine beast that belonged to the heavenly world, it inherited the meaning of auspicious crest that indicates all abilities from the Yuan period, but the meaning and regulation as a symbol of social status were weak, and there were no detailed rules for dragon patterns. Since then, it has been designed in various ways.

Item Number KTH0022
material 100% cotton
Hand drawing: Japan Sewing: China
Color white, black, navy
size M, L, LL, 3L

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