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[Choose from 3 colors] merciful Mittens Gloves Two Tone Wool Fleece 2WAY [MF3402]

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``Merciful'' is a brand created by Takayuki Miki of Miki Sewing Co., Ltd., who runs a sewing business in Osaka City.
The brand's concept is to create basic, original wear that you will never get tired of, with designs that take a lot of effort and are based on military, work, and natural styles.

We also produce hand-knitted items such as gloves, mittens, and caps that are hand-made in Nepal.

The design has a warm hand-knitted design, and has been designed to fit modern lifestyles, such as a finger that can be exposed to make it easier to operate a smartphone.

When you open the mitten cover, you can use your fingertips in 2 ways.You can feel the warmth of hand-knitted mittens, making them a reliable item on cold days.

You can feel the warmth of wool as each piece is carefully hand-knitted in Nepal.

Introducing two-tone gloves that feel hand-knitted and warm.
It's a voluminous item perfect for fall and winter, and will make you feel warm both on the outside and on your hands.
It's as warm as it looks, so it's also recommended for people who are sensitive to cold.

The lining is made of fleece material, so you won't lose warmth. The wrists are also designed to be long, which seems to prevent drafts from coming in from the cuffs.

It is designed to allow you to stick out five fingers,
You don't have to take off your mittens when you take out your smartphone, change, or button your coat, which saves you from the hassle.

The lining is fleece and provides excellent warmth.
This is an excellent item that is both easy to use and protects you from the cold.

There is a slit so you can put your thumb out.
You can move your five fingers freely, making small tasks such as operating a smartphone, opening and closing keys, and tying shoelaces stress-free.

The lining is made of fleece material except for the thumb.
Not only is it warm, but it also reduces the prickly feeling that is characteristic of wool.

You can also do small tasks such as turning paper.

Opening and closing coat buttons while wearing gloves

You can easily open and close the key while wearing gloves! This saves you the trouble of taking off your gloves.

Fingerless is convenient when you want to use your fingertips immediately, such as when you want to take out the contents of your bag or change, or when your smartphone is on!

Unlike the five-finger type, the mitten type has the advantage that the ring is difficult to remove when putting on and taking off, and it is less likely to get caught on nails.

Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.