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[30% off sale! ] Mayu - Kyo Yuzen Japanese Pattern T-shirt Crane and Wave Light Blue XS Size [MY-TS3A-BD002]

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[30% off sale! ]
Mayu - Mayu - Kyoto Yuzen Japanese Pattern T-shirt Crane and Wave Light Blue XS Size

Using the pattern paper used by Marumasu Nishimuraya, a long-established Kyo-Yuzen dyeing company, craftsmen print and dye each T-shirt.

If you look closely, you can see dragon scales hidden in the wave pattern. The subtle silver and gray colors of the cranes dancing on the waves can only be achieved by the craftsmen coloring each piece with their fingers! ! The simple design makes it easy to match with casual styles such as jeans and chic styles such as black pants!

There are plenty of sizes available for both ladies and men, and the prices are reasonable even though they are elaborate. I hope many people will enjoy the Japanese atmosphere!

[Namimon] (Namimon)
The dynamic wave pattern, which shows a momentary wave pattern, has been a design since ancient times, and is also common in kimono patterns. Ripples, raging waves, offshore waves and the appearance of moving waves were originally part of landscape patterns, but from the Momoyama period, waves began to be emphasized and designed.
[Tsurumon] (Tsurumon)

Since ancient times, cranes have been regarded as graceful, graceful birds, both standing and flying around, with a gentle disposition and longevity. For this reason, cranes are basically a motif that represents auspiciousness and auspiciousness, and are considered auspicious patterns that symbolize joy and dignity.

Wearing example (before)


waves and cranes

Wearing example (after)

Signature style brand logo
The model's height is 170 cm. I am wearing a size S.
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T-shirt size/part names

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the size, our store and the manufacturer may not have stock. In that case, it will take about 10 days to produce the product. If the delivery date is delayed, we will contact you by email.
We recommend washing them separately (especially the first two or three times, think like jeans). Also, avoid using detergents containing fluorescent agents or bleach.
We use the same Yuzen stencils for all sizes for Nassen and Discharge. In addition, it is a product that is dyed one by one by a craftsman. Therefore, the balance and color of the T-shirt and pattern may vary slightly depending on the size and individual product. We would appreciate it if you would appreciate it as a "taste" unique to hand dyeing and enjoy it.
Item Number MY-TS3A-BD002
Material/processing 100% cotton, stencil dyeing with crane and wave patterns
size XS

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