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[30% off sale! 】 Mayu - Kyoto Yuzen Japanese Pattern T-shirt Short Sleeve Persimmon Color Dragonfly Men's Women's [MY-TS7B-AN001]

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[30% off sale! ]
Mayu - Kyoto Yuzen Japanese Pattern T-shirt Short Sleeve Persimmon Dragonfly Men's Women's [MY-TS7B-AN001]

A red dragonfly flying around the waterside illuminated by the setting sun... A tasteful T-shirt that reminds you of autumn scenery...

The traditional Japanese color of persimmon color (yellowish gray red) is dyed with a fun design of a flying dragonfly!

It is a special T-shirt that is dyed one by one by craftsmen using the pattern paper used by Marumasu Nishimuraya, a long-established Kyo Yuzen.

A dragonfly pattern is designed in the “tortoiseshell connecting pattern” (name derived from the shape of the turtle shell), which is made up of overlapping hexagons. It creates the atmosphere of Japan, and it is a piece that reminds you of the beautiful scenery unique to Japan.

It goes well with jeans, and you can enjoy a wide range of coordination such as layering with a cut and sewn T-shirt, or wearing a shirt!

I hope many people will enjoy the Japanese atmosphere!

[Dragonfly pattern insects, etc.]
In addition to dragonflies, when looking at insects as a whole, even if they are animals, insects are rarely used as patterns, and it is said that they were not indispensable to Japanese people's lives, and they were not impressive. increase.
Among them, the limited insects that have been designed are “butterflies”, “pine worms” and “bell worms” that emit sounds, “fireflies” that emit blue light on summer nights and fly around, come with the arrival of summer, and live as autumn deepens. "Dragonfly" to finish the.
"Dragonfly" has an impressive appearance, and it is used as a pattern with autumn grasses as a symbol of the autumn season. was given.

Wearing example (before)


back side

Wearing example (after)

Dragonfly sentence up
<Click the image to see the enlarged image>
The model is 176 cm tall and wears a size S.

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the size, our store and the manufacturer may not have stock. In that case, it will take about 10 days to produce the product. If the delivery date is delayed, we will contact you by email.
We recommend washing them separately (especially the first two or three times, think like jeans). Also, avoid using detergents containing fluorescent agents or bleach.
We use the same Yuzen stencils for all sizes for Nassen and Discharge. In addition, it is a product that is dyed one by one by a craftsman. Therefore, the balance and color of the T-shirt and pattern may vary slightly depending on the size and individual product. We would appreciate it if you would appreciate it as a "taste" unique to hand dyeing and enjoy it.
Item Number MY-TS7B-AN001
Material/processing 100% cotton, persimmon dyed, dragonfly stencil dyed
size XS, S, M, L, XL (for both ladies and men)

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