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Origami Tote Funagata “Sango” [OR-FU-SAN]

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Origami Tote Funagata “Sango” [OR-FU-SAN]


Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, which is famous as the home of domestic jeans, is actually the number one canvas production area in Japan, producing about 70% of the domestic canvas fabric. This [Origami Tote] is our original tote bag that was custom-made from fabric with the cooperation of canvas craftsmen and denim craftsmen in Kurashiki!

The canvas fabric for this bag is custom-made with a special process, and when dyed, the color shades are different on the front and back, and it looks like a double-sided origami! The sewing is done by a sewing factory in Kojima, Kurashiki, which handles high-end vintage jeans.

Although it has a basic shape, the fabric, dyeing, sewing, and embroidery are packed with attention to detail and techniques that have never been seen before in canvas bags. As it was made in Kurashiki, the home of denim production, it has become a bag that goes well with casual styles such as denim!

Wear it on your arm like a girl♪

It's cute even if you hold it with both hands ♪

The handle is slightly small, so it's just the right size to hang on your arm or hold in your hand! A boat-shaped tote with a cute and plump shape is perfect for girly coordination.

A fluffy cotton skirt and leggings can be paired with a modern outfit, or a linen dress or a gauze top for a more natural look♪
In the example of wearing, a girlish blouse is paired with a black cardigan and a striped skirt to accentuate the simple style.

Let's go out in a girlish mood by enjoying how to hold it in a girlish way♪

With a special dyeing process, the fabric has different shades on the front and back, and it feels like a double-sided origami! The fabric has a vintage feel to it, and you can really feel the atmosphere of Kurashiki and Kojima, the home of jeans production.

The fabric is thick No. 6 canvas, and the stitching is made with thick No. 6 cotton thread used in vintage jeans.

The origami logo is expressed by traditional Sagara embroidery (characterized by round threads like Sagara embroidery). In addition, the other side of the bag is sanded to reveal the pinwheel mark. Both embroidery and sanding go well with rough canvas fabric.

embroidery side

Sliding side

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When you put your luggage in, you can see the dark part of the bottom, making it even cuter! The bottom part of the tote is made of two layers of fabric, and the position and length of the handle and the shape of the bottom part are well balanced so that it does not lose its shape even when you put your luggage in it, and it has a beautiful silhouette. I have.

One side of the bag is embroidered with a logo in the same color as the dark colored part, and the other side has a printed pinwheel design. !


The bottom part is wide, so even if you put a lot in it, it will still look nice! The sides swell softly and are very cute even when viewed from the side.


Lunch box, water, mobile phone, A5 notebook, wallet, cosmetic pouch... The bottom is wide enough to hold a lot!

inner pocket

It has an inner pocket, so you can keep things like keys and mobile phones that tend to go missing, so the inside of the bag is always neat.

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Item Number OR-FU-SAN
material [Fabric] Domestic No. 6 canvas, 100% cotton
[Sewing] No. 6 cotton thread [Embroidery] Rayon [Button] Magnet button
Processing/Specifications [Fabric] Double-sided origami dyeing process (color shades differ on the front and back of the fabric)
[Embroidery] Sagara embroidery (features eyes)
[Windmill mark part] Rubbing processing (processing before dyeing)
[Bottom / Handle] 2 layers of fabric [Pocket] 1 inside [Production area] Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
size [External dimensions] Length 21 cm x Width 45.5 cm x Width 19 cm
[handle inner circumference] 27cm
[Inner pocket] Length 14 cm x Width 22 cm

It is large enough to hold a dozen (12 bottles) of 350ml canned beer side by side.

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