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[Choose from 4 colors] PEARL FISHER Canvas Envelope Shoulder Bag [PF2603]

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[Choose from 4 colors]
Canvas canvas envelope shoulder bag [PF2603]

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The button hook on the outer pocket is designed to look like an envelope with a string, making it a retro and cute shoulder bag with a compact size.

The design, which looks like the zipper opening can be folded, is just like a parcel and is cute!
The edge of the outer pocket is hand-stitched, which is indispensable when talking about the brand Pearl Fisher.

This stitch uses a technique that cannot be done with a sewing machine by hand-sewing cowhide and canvas. The irregularly arranged dotted lines give the whole bag a rustic texture that makes you feel the warmth of handmade.

It is finished in such a natural and lovely bag that will naturally fit into your daily life.

Fashionable for men to carry
The model is 156 cm tall and has a body size of 7-9 .
Bottoms are DEEP BLUE 8 oz cotton hemp denim bi-color ankle length pants <<Click the image to enlarge>>

It's the perfect bag for when you want to organize your essentials in a light style, as it's compact.

Blue accents a simple style, and the other colors have a basic feel that is easy to match with casual outfits, so it's nice for men to wear.

A pass case and ipod in the inner pocket →

smartphone on the other

Holds the essentials well!

Each part size

The contents are lined with inner cloth, and the inner pocket is made of soft and thin cotton material that is different from canvas.

It's a compact size that holds all your essentials, but there's still plenty of room to open. You can change the shape according to the capacity and have it!

Fashionable hook that resembles an envelope with a string

Zipper enlargement

Removable shoulder

fabric expansion

The design of the outer pocket, which has an antique button and a string, is based on the motif of an envelope with a string.

The fabric is 100% cotton canvas. It is a thick plain weave cloth called canvas. The wrinkled texture of the wash gives it a comfortable look that goes well with a natural style.

Precautions before ordering
As this is a made-to-order product, it takes about 1-2 weeks to produce and ship. If we have to wait longer than that due to order status, we will inform you of the delivery date again.
If you are concerned about the delivery date, please feel free to contact us.
Item Number PF2603
Material/processing No. 10 canvas (100% cotton, paraffin processing, wrinkle processing by washing with water), cowhide
Color 4 colors: black, dark brown, white and blue
size Width: 31cm Height: 24cm Gusset width: 6cm
Storage/function 1 outside pocket, 3 inside pockets, zipper opening

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