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[30% OFF Sale] [Choose from 2 colors] YoriTo Hand Painted French Linen 3/4 Sleeve Shirt “Footprints” [Y7S0001-05]

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[Choose from 2 colors]
YoriTo Hand Painted French Linen 3/4 Sleeve Shirt “Footprints”


The brand "YoriTo" was born from the desire to pass on traditional Japanese culture from the past to the present, and from the present to future generations. It is also a sister brand of the Japanese pattern brand "Zen" from Kyoto.

The brand name "YoriTo" means "twisted thread" that is indispensable for clothing. Based on Japanese culture, technology, materials, ideas, and warmth, it contains the desire to "create a single product by twisting countless threads" such as trends and overseas culture.

Japanese pattern items have a strong image, but YoriTo offers contemporary items such as one-wash jeans accented with sashiko fabric from Mikawa cotton, a regionally certified brand, and three-quarter sleeve shirts made from high-quality French linen that has been naturally dyed. Develop more casual items that match your lifestyle.

By sublimating the good old traditions of Japan into a modern lifestyle and adding the spice of playfulness, we will create new items with free ideas that make you feel more familiar with tradition.

▲ Warm color front

▲ Warm color bag

▲ Dark color front

▲ Dark color back

A three-quarter sleeve shirt with eye-catching hand-painted "footprints" on fabric made from 100% French linen. The footprints that continue from the hem to the top are an image of a new brand called YoriTo just starting to walk. You can choose from two colors for the footprints: a bright warm color and a dark color.

The fabric of the shirt has a sense of sheerness and sharpness unique to French linen. French linen is characterized by being less likely to wrinkle than regular linen. While retaining the crisp texture of linen, it is soft and comfortable to wear.

The model is 177cm tall (male) and wears M size <<Click the image to enlarge>>

The shirt body has a simple design, but the texture and hand-painting stand out. The 3/4 sleeves feel like you rolled up the sleeves of a long sleeve, making it easy to move around in and surprisingly functional. You can wear it neatly around your arms with just the right length.

Hand-drawn "footprints"

collar cutout fabric

"YoriTo" name tag

breast pocket

When the sleeves are rolled up, the cut-back fabric becomes an accent.

Cut-back fabric for gussets on both sides

The exquisitely faded footprints, which cannot be expressed in print, have a warm taste that is unique to hand-painting.

A little point is the switching fabric of the collar, sleeves, and gusset (left and right hem). The sleeve is a one-button type that is easy to put on and take off.

Item Number Y7S0001-05
place of production made in Japan
material Body: 100% French linen
Switch fabric: 80% cotton, 20% French linen
size 4 sizes S, M, L, LL

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