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Accessories and watches to wear together

This time, we will pick up accessories and watches that can be used in pairs so that you can always feel the presence of your loved one. From those who want to wear the same design to those who enjoy casual matching, this is a popular coordination for couples of all ages.
Let's deepen the relationship between two people with a pair item that makes you think of each other even when you are apart!


Accessories to wear together Recommended items

moge handmade silver accessories I was looking at the same moon - cat - / dog silver ring 8mm 26,400

[Choose from 28 colors of leather! ] S Japanese pattern accessory artist Saori Miura Kasumi Sakura flat silver ring with leather 8mm/10mm 29,150 - 30,800

small right handmade accessory belt ring 18K plated silver/gold 12.7mm/5.3mm/7.4mm width matte finish 10,200 - 19,500

moge Handmade silver accessories Promise of the month -Cat- Silver ring/necklace 22,000 - 25,300

List of accessories to wear together

Recommended items for matching watches

ARKRAFT Watchmaker Hidekazu Araki Handmade Watch “Dennis Medium” Leather Dial Roman Numerals Pueblo Camel 27,400 - 29,600

KINO handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic black wine brown 37,400

Watanabe Koubou handmade watch “Lady On Time-B” 37,400

List of watches to wear together