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ANNAK Garcon Long Wallet Tochigi Leather Beige [AK14TA-B0039-BEG]

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Original price
€203,98 - €203,98
Current price €203,98

Ships in 1-5 business days (depending on availability)

In Moto-Asakusa, Tokyo, where many factories such as leather goods and metal processing are crowded, original leather brand "ANNAK" sent by Mitake Sangyo, a long-established factory.

Founded in 1925, Mitake Sangyo initially produced smoke pipes, but after the war, they shifted to making leather belts and other items in line with lifestyle changes. In 2000, the brand name "Kanna" was launched, and in 2004, the brand name was changed to "ANNAK", reading "KANNA" backwards.

Hand-stitched, hand-dyed, hand-polished, and hand-worked, we develop hand-crafted craftsmanship. It achieves warmth and quality that cannot be achieved with mass-produced products.

ANNAK's original washing process has been applied to develop leather items with a unique presence. Leather items that incorporate a sense of trend can be matched with a wide range of styles.

Easy to use, large capacity is attractive!
We use tanned leather from Tochigi Leather, one of Japan's leading tanners.



The flap has two snap buttons

Carefully finished edges (cut ends).

Introducing the Garson Long Wallet, which is attractive for its functionality, ease of use, and large capacity!

ANNAK original leather is luxuriously used for all parts.
This original leather was developed using Tochigi leather, one of Japan's leading tanners. Overcoming the disadvantage of leather, which usually hardens when it gets wet, it has a texture that fits comfortably in your hand.

The craftsmen's hands are polished at once, and each one is finished with a different shade.
The beautiful luster is unique to tanned leather.

The fringe attached to the zipper is an accent, and it is a simple design that can be used by both men and women. Although it has a delicate atmosphere, it also has a thickness that gives you a sense of security.

There are 2 large pockets for bills, and 19 card slots on 3 sides!

It looks like the whole thing is open

Coin purse opens wide for easy viewing of coins

Bills can be put in 2 places

You can even put coins in the zipper pocket

It is a luxurious specification with a single piece of leather on both sides on the outside and a leather surface on the inside.
The clasp is a vertical snap button that can be adjusted according to the amount of contents.

There are 2 large pockets for bills, and 19 card slots on 3 sides!

The biggest feature is the Garçon type coin space that opens wide. A wallet made with the image of a Garson (waiter) in mind, making it easy to put in and take out coins! In addition, we have prepared a pocket with a zipper for those who want to securely store coins or sort cards.

The zippered pocket has a 4 cm gusset on one side and opens firmly for smooth insertion and removal.
The inside of the coin pocket is also made of leather, so you don't have to worry about tearing the lining, which is the most common problem when repairing wallets.

*It may feel tight until the leather is familiar.
*The lining is used only for the card stage that can hold 3 cards.
All processes are handmade, and you can feel the warmth that can only be produced by hand.

ANNAK Tochigi Leather Garson Long Wallet Lineup

Dark brown [AK14TA-B0039-DBR]

Black [AK14TA-B0039-BLK]

Red [AK14TA-B0039-RED]

Beige [AK14TA-B0039-BEG]

Green [AK14TA-B0039-GRN]

Navy [AK14TA-B0039-NVY]


Material/processing Cowhide (Tochigi leather), Tannin tanning
size Width: about 190mm x length: about 105mm
Thickness: about 30mm (covered part, maximum thickness)
Weight: Approximately 270g (There are some individual differences due to natural materials)

Precautions before ordering

We are working hard to secure stock, but it may take about 1 month to 1 and a half months for production and arrival when out of stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.
Due to the use of natural leather, the surface of the leather may have some ecological scars peculiar to animals. Although it is produced using parts where scratches are not noticeable, please understand and acknowledge this as a characteristic of natural leather. Also, if you put it in the pocket of light-colored pants, the color may transfer, so please be careful.
The leather material is vulnerable to rain and sweat, so if it gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally. If the product is used in a wet state, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing in a well-ventilated place.
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