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poussette Gamaguchi bag 8.0 inch with gusset “couvert” [g80150003]

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€151,48 - €151,48
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poussette clasp bag 8.0 inch with gusset “couvert” [g80150003]





From the popular 8.0-sun clasp, a clasp bag with a moist and mature atmosphere using French linen fabric is now available.

Fabric printed with familiar tableware such as knives, forks, and spoons. It looks like a monotone style, but the printed parts are casually discolored to create an antique expression.

The name "couvel" refers to cutlery in French. Stylish tableware prints with various expressions are designs that you will never get tired of.

The bag can hold everything you need for going out, so you can carry it stylishly as an accent to your outfit. I'm glad that it comes with an elegant charm *

Wearing example, bag
Wearing example, front
Compact with a short chain♪
≪Click the image to enlarge≫

・The long strap can be used like a pochette.

A short chain of 32cm is attached. I'm happy because I can change it according to the situation.

The clasp bag itself has an elegant shape that is more formal, so you can carry it with a moist and mature atmosphere. Even if you match it casually for everyday use ◎ ♪

classy charm

Inside fabric, 2 pockets

Holds essentials

Rustic colors with an antique feel

Elegant and classy charms include pearl-like smooth beads. It attracts the charm of the simple body.

The charm can also be used as a stopper, as you can adjust the degree of opening when the purse is opened, depending on which of the two pouches it is attached to.

The inside has an elegant pattern. The fabric has a glossy feel like satin, and it has two pockets.

As you can see from the photo, it's large enough to hold a woman's essentials, making it perfect as a party bag for weddings and other occasions! For examples of usage, I put a wallet, pass case, smartphone, pouch, and handkerchief. If you pack the handkerchief a little more, it feels like there is still a little room to enter.

Even if you remove the strap, the opening can be stored inside, so you can carry it in your hand like a clutch bag.

You can choose from 3 types of straps!

You can choose from three types of straps: beige (leather), black (leather), and chain (brass).
The beige and black leather strap is adjustable from 105cm to 130cm in length. The brass chain strap is 120cm long and not adjustable.
Combine it with your favorite strap and enjoy fashion♪

Notes on ordering and handling
[Delivery time] This product is handmade one by one, and basically it will be produced after ordering, and it will take about 2-3 weeks to deliver. Depending on the order status, it may take more than a month to produce. Please feel free to contact us for the delivery date.
We make every effort to maintain inventory, but due to the use of rare dead stock fabrics and imported fabrics, we may not be able to produce the same item (such as changing the lining) when an item is out of stock. Please feel free to contact us for stock status and delivery date.
Item Number g80150003
Material/processing Base: brass (antique gold)
Interlining: Firm Material/Outer: 100% French linen

Strap: Choose one from 3 types Leather: 2 colors, beige and black / Adjustable from 105cm to 130cm Chain: Brass / Length is 120cm and cannot be adjusted
size Height: 160mm (including 20mm ball)
Width: 290mm
Gusset: 55mm
Attached chain (short) length: 32cm

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