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[Choose from 2 colors] graphzero Freedom Sleeve Sweat [GZ-FS-SW-01]

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[Choose from 2 colors! ]
Freedom Sleeve Sweat [GZ-FS-SW-01]



From the denim brand graphzero in Kojima, Kurashiki City, which is known as the best jeans production town in Japan, a sweatshirt with a gentle texture of fabric with a heathered feel is now available!

It has a "freedom sleeve" design where the switching part draws an S-shaped curve. Of course, it goes great with graphzero jeans! You can wear it throughout the long season, such as autumn, winter, and early spring.

▲ Gray heather
▲ Off-white
≪Click the image to enlarge≫

This freedom sleeve is a method of wearing sleeves that is often seen in vintage sweatshirts from the 1940s and 1950s, and has a unique classic atmosphere that cannot be felt from ordinary sweatshirts.

You can choose from two colors: the standard and calm gray heather, and the refreshing impression of unbleached. Both have a casual atmosphere that is easy to match with bottoms such as jeans.

S-shaped “freedom sleeve” and logo

Discerning name tag

The seams where the sleeves and body are switched are made using the 4-needle stitching used in vintage sweatshirts. The seams are flat, and the mesh stitching adds a subtle accent to the design.

The logo part written as "GraphZero dye" is dyed with indigo used for dyeing jeans, and the gray heather ink is fixed with natural konjac glue. It blends naturally with the fabric and does not crack over time like regular prints. The point is that it has a pocket with a solid welt finish, which is convenient when it's a little cold.

Also, on the front and back of the name tag, the Hinomaru, which symbolizes Japan, and the message of graphzero are included. On the front is written “Vintage Schooler Jap jeans GrahZeeero…” in a casual atmosphere. It takes a long time to give anything)” is written in English translation of the Japanese proverb.

Wearing example (gray heather)
Wearing example (off-white)
Sturdy pocket that fits comfortably in your hand
Model is 177cm tall (male) and wears size M (bottoms usually wear 28-30 inches)
For bottoms, wear graphzero 16oz selvedge slim straight jeans with buckle [GZ-16-SL-ST] ≪Click the image to enlarge≫

Although it is a sweatshirt with a rough atmosphere that is easy to get along with, the stitching, elegant logo design, and color distribution make it not too loose, and you can enjoy it with just the right amount of casualness.

In addition, it has a pocket with a simple design and is also functional. It is convenient even when you go out for a while ♪

Enlarged hem and cuffs

The lining is made of pile fabric and is gentle to the touch.

The lining fabric is a pile fabric that is shaped like a loop by loosening some of the warp threads of the fabric, and is characterized by its gentle touch and comfort like a fluffy towel.

The hem and cuffs are just the right amount of squeezing, so it fits nicely on your body without getting twisted.

Precautions before ordering
We make every effort to keep the stock in stock, but depending on the timing of your order, there may be cases where the product is out of stock. In that case, you may have to wait for about a week until the product arrives, but we appreciate your understanding in advance.
Item Number GZ-FS-SW-01
place of production Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
Material/processing 100% cotton
size color 3 sizes S, M, L Gray heather, 2 colors of off-white
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