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【SMART MOVE!(スマートムーブ)レビュー】人気のスマートキーケース財布を実際に2年間使ってみた感想・使い方の工夫などをご紹介

[SMART MOVE! (Smart Move) Review] Introducing the impressions and ingenuity of how to use the popular smart key case wallet actually used for 2 years

An all-in-one genuine leather smart key case "SMART MOVE!" ) .

"SMART MOVE!" has been well received by those who mainly use it for cashless payments, but this time, I would like to introduce my staff's husband, who has actually used it for about two years, and how to use it.

The images shown are of the actual product that has been used for 2 years. I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

User: Male in his 40s, office worker commuting by car History of use: About 2 years, used almost every day Items used: SMART MOVE!

My house and car keys are smart keys, so I was looking for a key case that can store two smart keys.

My husband, who usually wants to go out lightly, didn't have a bag, and only had a smartphone, a key case, and a wallet, so I wanted something that wasn't bulky.

The key case that can hold two smart keys was too big and thick, so it was hard to find what I wanted, but the simple design of "SMART MOVE!" I gave it as a gift.

"SMART MOVE!" is about the size of a bi-fold wallet, so it's easy to put in your jeans pocket.

It holds 2 car and house smart keys, 2 analog keys, about 7 cards, a few bills, and a small amount of change, but it does not lose its shape and can be zipped.

Even though it can hold this much, it is not too thick, so I think it's a well thought out structure.

When the smart key was attached directly to the snap button, it was sometimes difficult to take it out, so I bought a chain and a double ring sold at a home center and connected the smart key to attach it. The self-made chain is about 7 cm long, and the total length including the ring is about 9 cm. I think you can buy a chain and a double ring for about a few hundred yen.

By attaching a chain, you can put the smart key out even when the zipper is closed, so you don't have to worry about dropping the smart key, so it's convenient and safe when you're in a hurry.

Also, since it is not designed to hold coins, if you put coins in it, the coins will spill out when you open and close it. He use coins in a zippered plastic bag.

The outer pocket that can store analog keys is a little harder to get out than the inner pocket, so I store analog keys that I don't use often.

The outer pocket is designed so that the analog keys do not overlap, and you can feel the thoroughness of the thickness.

When I go out, at a store or in the parking lot, there are many situations where the smart key is handed over so that my children and I can get in the car first. I think

The stitching is also carefully done, and the leather atmosphere and color have a high-class feel. There are marks from the stored keys, but since the leather is shrink-processed, the scratches are not noticeable. It looks like it's still usable.

Until now, I used to bring a lot of things with me when I went out, but I now have "SMART MOVE!" You no longer have to worry about forgetting either your wallet or your keys when you go out.

As the name "SMART MOVE!" suggests, I spend my days smartly without waste.

Click here for "SMART MOVE!"

Roji Iru (Black) Smart Key Case Embossed Domestic Cowhide / Antibacterial

2 smart keys + "almost all" essentials for going out

SMART MOVE! List of smart key cases

Produced by “Rakukei Kobo”, who creates works related to Kyoto every day,
"I want to have this and that, but I want to be smart"
Made for all such adults, its name is "SMART MOVE!"

2 smart keys, bills, analog keys, cards, etc.
"Almost everything" you need for going out,
It has become an unprecedented epoch-making item.

We have a wide variety of leather types and colors!
A perfect gift for smart people☆

Fluffy soft-touch shrink cowhide

Smart key case Wallet Calm green Shrink cowhide

Smart Key Case Wallet Tokoshie no Tachibana (Eternal Orange) Shrink Leather

Smart key case Wallet Rojiiriru (black) Shrink cowhide

Smart key case Wallet Sunzuri Kawadoko (light blue) Shrink cowhide


Smart key case Wallet Mica Kyoto Karakami (beige) Shrink cowhide

Embossed domestic cowhide leather (antibacterial finish) with an elegant glossy texture that fits comfortably in your hand

SMART MOVE! Smart key case
Purse Hanamachi stone pavement (graige) Embossed domestic cowhide, antibacterial

SMART MOVE! Kyoto's bottom cold (middle gray) Smart key case Embossed domestic cowhide / antibacterial

We accept wrapping for free!
Please feel free to let us know if you would like one!!

This image is an image of our shop wrapping,
Please note that wrapping specifications may vary depending on the availability of packaging materials and the size of the product.
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