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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account
500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


A small gift that does not burden either the giver or receiver.

A small gift that won't make the recipient care.
Why not add a little extra touch? Therefore, this time, we have collected ``items that are nice and tasteful even at a small price'' that are perfect for small thank yous, return gifts, greetings, and other modest gifts, as well as small rewards for yourself.

Nume leather type with mature and feminine colors

[4 colors] aoneco keychain with reel, tanned leather type



Affordable items from ¥1500 to ¥2000

Make the spray bottle you use every day cute and stylish. The cable knit knit will make you feel relaxed.

Rich color variations

This knitted spray cover is a cute way to decorate spray packages, which tend to look like they're used to life. With a simple design that is easy to match with the atmosphere of various rooms, the spray bottle that you don't want to show can become an interior display.

[5 colors] 226 (Tsutsumu) Knit spray cover that wraps your life typeA (A line) [SP-05-20001-00]


A gorgeous goshuin book made using traditional hand-dyed Kyoto Yuzen paper.

Kyoto Yuzen paper is handmade one by one by Kyoto craftsmen using a technique similar to silkscreening. For one design, as many plates as there are colors are prepared, and pigment is imprinted on each color using a spatula. The hand-dyed Yuzen paper has a texture, shine, and depth that cannot be found in machine-printed paper. Also, since it uses pigments, it is resistant to fading.
The elegant and beautiful Kyo Yuzen paper is made with an old-fashioned color scheme and design that blends in with modern times, resulting in a one-of-a-kind Kyo Yuzen paper.

Kyoto Shogado Yuzen Shuincho goen chic C-3



Don't be too nervous! ~¥3000 items

Available in easy-to-use colors. Available in 4 natural colors

Keeps you warm in the spring, fall, and winter, and provides cooling protection in the summer. A fluffy pile haramaki that can be used in all seasons.

Since it is knitted in a cylindrical shape, there are no seams and it is comfortable to the touch. A must-have winter item that will make you feel warm from the core of your body just by wearing it. Another great thing is that you can wash it by hand at home.

[4 colors] ORGANIC GARDEN Organic cotton pile Haramaki long length


Finger-cut gloves made of eco-silk.The irregular thread nep feel and rustic texture are natural and stylish.

Finger-cut gloves knitted from eco-silk. The texture and thickness of the material can be used all year round. Silk's moisturizing, heat-retaining, and UV-cutting effects protect your hands from cold and dry skin in winter, and protect you from sunburn during other seasons.

hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten Eco Silk Finger Cut Gloves


Many other! Special small gift