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cat motif items

February 22nd is Cat Day!
February 22nd is called ``Cat Day'' after ``222'', which is a play on the words ``nyan yan yan nyan.'' So, we have picked up "cat motif items" that everyone loves and are perfect for cat days! Items that convey the cuteness of cats, such as their facial expressions, poses, and paws, add cuteness and playfulness to your coordination. In addition, the cat design that can be worn casually is recommended not only for women but also for men! We have collected popular cat motif items as gifts for that cat lover or as a treat for yourself.



Special leather items made by cat lovers! The creators create their products with pride and love for cats.

"aoneco" is a rescue cat project with the concept of "so that all cats can sleep peacefully."

Waji Co., Ltd., founded in January 2016, is a professional manufacturing group that brings together everyone from veteran craftsmen to young designers. The new brand ``aoneco'' created by the representative, Mr. Kanno, is a rescue cat project with the concept of ``so that all cats can sleep peacefully.'' The product includes a 10% donation, and the system allows customers to make a simple donation process.

We do not allow products that feel cheap, which tend to be the case with charity products, and our creators take great care in creating products with pride and love for cats. All aoneco products are made in Japan. Each piece is carefully made by craftsmen.

aoneco item pickup

Easy-to-use long wallet with slim size

[Choose from 4 colors] Gamaguchi long wallet


A clutch bag with a slim appearance and ample storage capacity

[Choose from 4 colors] Clasp clutch bag


Recommended as a gift for men who love cats

[Choose from 4 colors] aoneco pass case with reel


"Canvas x genuine leather" adult casual tote bag

[White/Black] 2WAY bucket tote bag


Popular at a low price! Convenient reel key chain

[Choose from 4 colors] aoneco key chain with reel


Slide type compatible with many models

[4 colors] aoneco notebook type multi smartphone case


Click here for aoneco item list


A very cute “cat motif watch” where each number and motif has its own expression.

KINO is a brand created by watch artist Yoshisuke Kinouchi, which has a unique personality that is different from mass-produced watches, and where you can feel the warmth that can only be achieved by handicrafts.

Mr. Kinouchi believes that the best ``thing'' is not just a physical substance, but ``empathy'' with the customer. Through manufacturing, we connect people and enrich their hearts. It is produced based on this production philosophy.
Each skeleton dial and dial numerals are handmade. The works are packed with a mechanical atmosphere, and you can't help but be drawn into the mysterious worldview.
KINO is also unique in incorporating fantastical motifs such as crowns and animals. The cute design is so attractive that even women will want to wear it.

KINO cat motif watch

Original SUN & MOON design

Neko Nyan SUN & MOON [L-8]


Eye-catching mechanical design

MEKANYAN-CAMEL belt automatic winding/mechanical type [MEKANYAN-CAMEL]


Pink belt mechanical watch with white cat motif

MEKANYAN-PINK White Cat Pink Belt Automatic Winding/Mechanical [MEKANYAN-PINK]



Cat motif accessories for cat lovers

A cute cat pin brooch with a little paw sticking out.

A cute cat pin brooch that looks three-dimensional when viewed from the front or side. Its front paws stick out like a beckoning cat. The black oxidized grooves create a three-dimensional feel. Charming eyes, paw pads, fur, and rounded hands...The moderately realistic three-dimensional feel and deformed parts will capture the hearts of cat lovers.

naturama Lucky Cat Pin Brooch “Pixie” Silver 925 [AB02]


A must-see for cat lovers! A ring with a fluffy cat's paw motif

The "cat's paw" looks like a cream bun and is a hot topic on SNS.The "cat's paw" is now a ring that will make you feel soothed just by looking at it.
The adorable roundness of the tips of the hands, the thickness of the paws that seem to be squishy... Only Arama Roots, who owns cats, can express realistic cuteness!! It takes more time and effort than you can imagine to create "cuteness". This is a packed work.

naturama Cat's Hand Cream Pan Ring Silver 925 [AR112]


A simple necklace that resembles a swaying moon like a gondola.

A necklace with the romantic name "Moon Gondola". This piece has a black part inspired by the night sky and a crescent moon part, and is designed to slide and swing.

moge Moon Gondola - Crescent Moon and Cat - Silver Necklace [mo-N-044]


Many other!
Click here for a list of cat motif accessories


Cat motif objects/stationery

Kobito looking up at the big cherry blossoms and a cat object

This is an object that looks like a picture no matter which angle you look at Kobito and the cat. If you place it in a place where you see it all the time, such as at your entrance, by your bed, or by your desk at work, it will warm your heart. It is a work that each person who picks up can look at while thinking back on spring. With its natural shape that blends into any room, it is also recommended as a gift for a loved one.

Bronze sculpture artist Tadashi Koizumi Kobito’s object “Under the big cherry tree” [KO-OB-17]


A stamp book using Kyoto Yuzen paper made by a long-established Japanese stationery manufacturer in Kyoto.

It is also recommended to collect tickets and postcards from visiting temples and shrines along with the red stamps. In addition to the stamp book, it can also be used as a collage notebook, memory notebook, illustration notebook, favorite photo collection, etc.
Shogado's popular Kyo Yuzen paper creates a variety of designs that are easy to use for men and women of all ages. Why not enjoy visiting temples and shrines with a slightly luxurious goshuincho that gives you the warmth of hand-dyed printing that cannot be found with machine printing?

Kyoto Yuzen paper beckoning cat Shuincho [23231]


Cat motif stationery/object pickup

Stylish Pochibag made from paper tube

Taisei Shiki Seisakusho Cylindrical Pochi Bag POCHI-PON (Pochipon) Lucky Cat [POCHIP-NEKO]


Cat and Kobito's friendship ring stand

Koizumi Tadashi Kobito's ring stand "Nyanda Full Life" [KO-RS-08]


In a pinch when you don't have any toilet paper!

Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's object "Pass Me Paper" [KO-OB-11]


“An object of Kobito looking through a telescope, his friends, and a cat.

Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's object "Astronomical Observation" [KO-OB-06]


Ring stand with Bremen Town Musicians motif

Tadashi Koizumi Ring Stand "Bremen" [KO-RS-13]


A ring stand filled with the love of a cat and a kobito.

Tadashi Koizumi Ring Stand “Come on, come on” [KO-RS-14]


List of cat motif items