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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


2024 spring wallet

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-What is Spring Wallet?
A spring wallet is a wallet that is said to bring good luck if you start using it in spring.
``Spring'' = ``Haru'' and it means ``your wallet is full of money,'' so it is said that it is good luck to buy a new wallet in spring .
Also, a stylish and auspicious spring wallet will definitely increase your motivation and make you feel fresh! At this time of year, which is also a turning point such as changing jobs or getting a job, we recommend a ``spring wallet'' that will improve your mood and bring good luck.

- What is the spring wallet period?
When it comes to spring wallets, it is said that it is best to purchase them from around the winter solstice until the end of the cherry blossom season.
According to Feng Shui, it is said that purchasing a wallet during this period will improve luck with money, health, and fortune, and many people buy a new wallet on an auspicious day to bring good luck.
It's a good idea to buy a new wallet on an auspicious day, or it's also a good idea to give a wallet as a gift and add something related to spring wallets!

Improve your luck! ! An auspicious day perfect for replacing your wallet

There is an auspicious day that is perfect for buying a new wallet or starting using it. It is said that your luck will improve if you start using or putting down your wallet on these auspicious days.

It is said to be the day when the Hundred Gods ascend to heaven and the heavens forgive the sins of all things, making it the most auspicious day.

It is said to be a good day to start anything, especially when it comes to starting work, opening a business, sowing seeds, and spending money.

[Tora no Hi]
A swift-footed tiger who is said to travel a thousand miles and return a thousand miles. It is said that the money will be returned to you or that you will take it with you.


Special wallet

Himalayan crocodile, a carefully selected masterpiece "leather jewel"

``Once you get into it, you won't let go'' The strongest money luck power

In feng shui terms, crocodile leather has strong jaws and is said to never let go once you bite into it, so it is said to be a leather with the power to keep you from losing money.

ZOO Long Wallet Himalayan Crocodile Leather Round Zipper [Z-ZLW-135]



After all, I like long wallets ♪ Large capacity that can also hold a passbook

Available in 4 cute adult colors

A cute long wallet for adults that helps support cats. This is a great item for both cats and people.

We also pay special attention to functional parts, such as the removable coin and card slots. The slim size and ease of use are also attractive. Since the donation amount is included in the product price, all customers need to do is complete the necessary steps to support rescue cats.

[4 colors] aoneco purse long wallet [an001]


Easy to use and large capacity!
We use tanned leather from Tochigi Leather, one of Japan's leading tanners.

Introducing the Garcon long wallet, which is attractive for its functionality, ease of use, and large capacity! All parts are luxuriously made with ANNAK original leather. The pieces are polished in one go by the hands of craftsmen, and each piece is finished with a unique shading.

ANNAK Garcon Long Wallet Green [AK14TA-B0039-GRN]



Wallets suitable for suits and business occasions

Italian leather long bill wallet with a design that eliminates waste and allows you to enjoy aging.

The more you use TSUKIKUSA's leather items, the deeper the color will deepen, and the oil-rich surface will develop a luster and feel smooth in your hands without any special care. The more you use it, the more you like it. The longer you use it, the more its value increases, and it will become your very own "favorite item" that you can't part with.

[5 Colors] TSUKIKUSA Thin Long Bill Holder Long Wallet No Coin Purse [Ayame]


A series with a luxurious luster and chic colored leather that gives off a mature atmosphere.

Leather Workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic” Bifold Wallet Premium Royal Blue


Approximately 2.5cm thick! Dyed with natural Yamato indigo Palm-sized bifold wallet

RE.ACT Yamato Aizome bi-fold compact wallet (with coin purse)



Compact and lightweight mini wallet/coin purse/Easy to use bi-fold/tri-fold wallet

``SMART MOVE'' is a new patented structure that can hold 2 smart keys + almost all the essentials for going out.

This is an unprecedented, revolutionary item that can hold "almost everything" you need for going out, including two smart keys, banknotes, analog keys, and cards.

SMART MOVE! Type2 Smart Key Case with Coin Purse Shrink Cowhide Leather Twilight Yearning (Navy) [MC1003]


Different colors to choose from! Click here for SMART MOVE lineup list
A stylish wallet with an antique door motif that overturns the fixed concept of design. It took two years from conception to completion and is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and art.

Based on Havito's brand concept of "manufacturing that surprises people," Mr. Kanno and Mr. Sekine have always wanted to create something...the ``glart'' series, a fusion of real glass and leather.

havito by waji Tri-fold wallet "glart" stained glass antique door light gray


A series with a luxurious luster and chic colored leather that gives off a mature atmosphere.

[You can store bills without folding them] ANNAK Compact Round Zip Wallet Brown


A small and cute micro size is now available in the popular pouch series.

[Connects to supporting protected cats] aoneco Micro pouch coin case [an020]