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Watanabe Koubou/Masaaki Watanabe Handcrafted Wrist Watch Information on Free Engraving Service

Mr. Masaaki Watanabe of Watanabe Koubou is a watchmaker who makes watches one by one by hand at his workshop in downtown Tokyo. We have worked on many watch works that are full of warmth and a tasteful expression unique to handmade.

Watanabe Koubou also offers a free engraving service. As for the contents that can be engraved,
・Date ・Simple message (Happy Birthday ○to○ etc.)
・Initials ・Name
Basically, we will correspond with Arabic numerals and alphabet block letters, but if you wish, we can also correspond with cursive letters, so please contact us.
If you have any questions, please contact us » here .

Watanabe Koubou Free Engraving Service Request Flow

[1] When ordering, please fill in the free entry field ("requests and opinions to our shop") as "I want engraving service".

[2] After confirming the "order confirmation email" sent from our shop after ordering, please draw the engraving you want according to the type of back cover of the watch you ordered.

There are 4 types of back cover that can be engraved.

engraving sample

[3] Please attach an image file of the drawn drawing with a mobile phone, digital camera, etc. to the "reply" of the "order confirmation email" and send it, or fax it to our shop (075-646-1331). .

[4] We will send you a confirmation email about the engraving, so please check it. If you have any corrections, please contact us as soon as possible for the convenience of production.

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