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DECOvienya handmade accessories rabbit treasure ring white [DE-067W]

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€149,84 - €149,84
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A cute rabbit with round eyes. A sheep with fluffy, warm fur. Chipmunks and flying squirrels live in the forest, and rats live modestly in houses. Small animals and familiar livestock are the motifs of “DECOvienya” accessories. The realities that animals face every day are expressed as accessories with realistic cuteness and sometimes dark humor.

DECOvienya is produced by Akihiro Sakai of Kimidori Zokeisha in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. The brand name "DECOvienya" is a coined word that combines the letter "convex" (deco), which resembles the shape of a camera, with the word "covienya", which means "dimple". The wish is to make people smile when they get their accessories.

DECOvienya accessories are also characterized by their delicate and realistic modeling and color processing such as white, black and brown. Like cutting out the scenery through the viewfinder of a camera, I capture the moments of animals desperately living despite sometimes facing difficulties, and incorporate them into accessories.

It's not just "cute", but at the same time you can feel the "real story" they are facing. increase.

The figure holding the treasure tightly is cute!


side 1

side 2


The rabbit ring is made by heating the silver with a burner and then quenching it in acid to turn it into a matte white. Instead of painting or plating, we apply a process that directly changes the surface of the silver. It's also nice to see how it's aged.

One by one, you can wear it according to your coordination.

Rabbit ring (female, size 11)

Brass and zirconia ring (female, size 11)

Wearing both (female, size 11)

Wearing (woman, size 11)

When you wear them together, you will be healed by the sight of the rabbit protecting the treasure. .

With only a rabbit ring, it looks like it's desperately clinging to your finger, giving it a different kind of cuteness. The brass ring has a staggered zirconia (stone) seat. The "slight discomfort" is attractive, and the ring has a strong presence even by itself.

The rabbit's ruby ​​eyes and the casual sparkle of zirconia are refined and elegant. This ring is not only cute, but also has a mature impression. In addition, it's a delicate size, so you'll want to wear it anywhere.

If you are worried about the size, we will lend you a ring gauge for free.
For customers who are worried about just checking the size chart, we also offer a free ring gauge rental service.
After confirming the approximate size in the above size chart, please contact us by e-mail about 3 sizes you are interested in . We will send you a ring gauge of your desired size, so please check the size that fits your finger.
In addition, the size may be different in the morning and evening due to swelling of the finger. Even if it is troublesome, we recommend that you measure twice in the morning and evening.
For email addresses and inquiries, please contact here .

About return of ring gauge
When we send the ring gauge, we will enclose a stamp, so please affix the stamp and return it within one week.

About ring size correction after delivery
We accept new finishes such as recoloring and resizing free of charge within one year of purchase . After the first year of purchase, new finish is 1,500 yen (excluding tax), resizing is 2,000 yen. (excluding tax) .
The shipping fee for returning or resending the product for size correction will be borne by the customer (return with prepayment or return with cash on delivery). Thank you for your understanding.
Due to the characteristics of the material, it may not be possible to resize brass products. Thank you for your understanding.

Notes on ordering and handling
Basically it will be produced after ordering, and it will take about 10 days to 1 month to deliver. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the number of items in stock or when they will arrive.
Production may be delayed due to the circumstances of the production source (such as when orders are concentrated). In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date again from our store.
Please note that additional repair costs may be required for damage or breakage due to negligence, or damage that cannot be considered under normal use.
Wipe off perspiration with a soft cloth, and avoid using polishing cloths and cleaning solutions. The texture may change. Silver cleaning solution can be used for white items.

Item Number DE-067W
Material/processing (rabbit) silver 925/white processing
(Treasure) brass, cubic zirconia

Rabbit Ring Width: Maximum about 12.2mm
Brass ring, width of zirconia part: about 3.6mm

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