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[2 Patterns] graphzero Tiered Skirt 5oz Denim Indigo [GZ-LA-TESK-0212]

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brand graphzero / Channel Inc. / HEART MADE BASE
Item Number GZ-LA-TESK-0212
place of production Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
material cotton 100%
Indigo (navy/navy)
block check paisley
size S, M (Women's)
■ Recommended points
Craftsman denim brand graphzero (graph zero) of Kurashiki, Kojima

The Kojima area in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture is the birthplace of domestic jeans and one of the world's leading jeans production areas. Graph Zero, established in the spring of 2004 in this area, is an up-and-coming denim brand that is attracting attention for its original jeans that have undergone manual dyeing and color fading processing, which are not profitable for major brands.

A tiered skirt with a fluffy swing layered in 4 stages.

The luxuriously proportioned skirt sways softly every time you move, creating a beautiful silhouette. There is a feeling of swelling and softness, and it creates an adult cuteness.

The front is a snap button type and only the back part of the waist is made with rubber, so it looks good and is comfortable to wear without being constricted.

The fabric looks like a patchwork, not a patchwork, but a woven block pattern. A very rare block denim weave pattern made possible by randomly switching the right and left twill. The texture of the material is light and soft to the touch, and you can enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere of 5oz greige denim that is not shrink-proof, kink-proof, or singe-baked. The more you wear it, the softer the texture of the fabric becomes, and the color gradually changes. The color fading is different between the right and left twill, making it a worthwhile fabric to grow.

It goes well with a tight rib knit or a rough long type knit, and I think it's cute with a blouse or a top tucked in. You can enjoy the beautiful A-line silhouette!

You can use it as a fashionable and cute outfit for spring, summer, and autumn. People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s can wear it regardless of age.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, etc. If you would like wrapping, please let us know in the remarks column (free entry column) when ordering.

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