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[Sold in units of 1, 4 colors, extendable up to 4m] IMPROVE MYSELF leather shoelaces (cowhide shoelaces), 3mm square, basic color [IM-SL01]

Original price €3,40 - Original price €13,62
Original price
€3,40 - €13,62
Current price €3,40

*Since it is a leather cord that can be cut freely, it is sold in units of one.

Ships within 1-5 days (depending on holidays and availability)

Genuine leather (cowhide) shoe laces that become softer and more familiar the more you use them. The texture changes as time passes, and you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of leather straps.

The point is that it is moderately thin at 3 mm square, and once you get used to it, it will be difficult to unravel.

The atmosphere changes just by replacing it with your existing shoes.
All 4 colors that are easy to match with any color.

Dark brown is a calm color.

Natural is skin tone and beige.

Brown looks like a bright brown x dark brown color scheme due to dyeing.

Black with atmosphere that is not too black

Suitable for leather shoes, leather boots, work boots, etc. Standard sneakers such as CONVERSE will also change to a different atmosphere. It's fun to change it depending on your mood of the day.

Work leather boots.

into leather boots.

Also in leather boots.

I tried it through a high-cut black Converse

Since it is made of leather, it can be cut freely with scissors. You can adjust it to just the right length.

The length can be cut freely even after purchase.
It can be used not only as shoelaces, but also for DIY such as handicrafts.

It is also recommended for hair arrangements using strings, which is popular among adult girls.

Click here for red, white, and yellow colors that are ideal for casual shoes such as sneakers


Material/processing cowhide
string type 3mm square / 1m, 1m50cm, 2m, 2m50cm, 3m, 3m50cm, 4m
★Sold in units of one

Precautions before ordering

These shoelaces are made of leather and can be cut freely with scissors, so they are sold individually. For example, if you want two pairs of shoelaces of about 70cm, it is advantageous to order one pair of 1m50cm. If you would like to order multiple books, please enter the desired number in the "Quantity" entry field.
The payment amount will change depending on the desired length and shipping method, but the amount will not change automatically at the time of ordering. The payment amount has not been changed in the order confirmation email that is automatically sent immediately after the order is completed, but we will correct the payment amount in the order confirmation email that will be sent from our store later and inform you again. I will have it.
These shoelaces are available in lengths from 1m to 4m in 50cm increments. 250 yen (excluding tax) will be added and corrected for each 50cm increase from 1m. Please feel free to contact us if you have a request for a length of 4m or more.
It can be delivered by post-mailing, and can be sent by cheap mail delivery. If you would like to have it delivered by mail, please specify "mail".
Also, please note that we cannot specify the delivery date and time for the mail service, as it will be delivered by posting it to a post just like regular mail .
If you wish to pay by cash on delivery, or if you have ordered other products at the same time, you cannot use the mail service. Please select "courier service" as the delivery method. Cash on delivery is a payment method in which you pay the delivery driver when the product arrives. As with regular mail, you cannot pay by cash on delivery for mail-bins that are delivered by posting to a mailbox. Thank you for your understanding.
Due to the natural leather, the color may differ slightly from the photo.
These laces can be cut with scissors. Regarding the fine adjustment of the length, we would appreciate it if you could cut it with scissors after passing this shoelace through the shoes you use after receiving the product.
Item Number IM-SL01
production area Japan
material cowhide
string type 3mm square / 3mm square / 1m, 1m50cm, 2m, 2m50cm, 3m, 3m50cm, 4m
★Sold in units of one
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