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[All 28 colors] Gauze clothing studio garage (garage) Double gauze hood cardigan Unisex [JK-13]

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[Choose from all 28 colors! ]
Gauze clothing studio garage
Double Gauze Hooded Cardigan Unisex [JK-13]

Garage, a gauze clothing workshop in Kyoto, started because he likes making things, he likes clothes, and he likes making things from scratch with his own hands. Mr. and Mrs. Tatsuya Nakanishi and Mrs. Yoko Nakanishi consistently handle the design, pattern, sewing, and dyeing.

One of Garage's characteristics of making clothes is the biased use of double gauze fabric. Normally, fabrics for clothes are used according to the length and width of the weave, but by using bias, elasticity is created in the length and breadth. In the simple design, we have put ingenuity to make full use of the characteristics and texture of double gauze.

Garage's gauze clothes, which are filled with the idea of ​​"making things with our own hands, we do as much as possible", make the wearer feel gentle and calm.

Front & Back

≪The color in the photo is Mocha≫

Introducing a hooded cardigan! The soft and fluffy texture of the double gauze is comfortable, and the light comfort is attractive.
A large hood creates a casual atmosphere. When you put it on, it will give you a loose and loose silhouette. Its soft lines are perfect for an adult's natural, relaxed style!

This item is for both men and women. Although it is made for men's specifications, the S size is equivalent to the M size for women. It can be used by couples and married couples♪

Double gauze with bias

Double gauze has moderate breathability and heat retention, making it an excellent fabric that can be worn all year round. It is one of the most gentle fabrics, such as being used for baby clothes since ancient times.
Garage's gauze clothes are characterized by using this double gauze fabric in a biased manner. Using a bias doesn't make the fabric efficient, but by doing this, it creates excellent elasticity in both vertical and horizontal directions, and it gradually changes to fit your body shape while you're wearing it. It is said that it is sometimes called "healing" clothes.
≪The color of the photo is deep blue≫

Wearing example / front
Wearing example/after
oversized pocket

Model height: Left (female) 156cm, wearing size S: Right (male) 177cm, wearing size M ≪Click the image to enlarge≫

A loose silhouette like gauze clothes. The double gauze material is very comfortable to the touch, and is soft and comfortable to wear, and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. The natural wrinkles give it a fluffy softness that heals both your heart and body.

Gauze texture, long construction, large hood and pockets... It has a natural and relaxed feel. Perfect for a mature style! A long cardigan with a soft and gentle impression.

In spring and autumn, it is perfect for wearing lightly over tops, but in winter you can enjoy layering it with warm outerwear, making it an item that can be used regardless of the season!

Wooden buttons with red thread! (mocha)

Buttonhole wrapped in uncut cloth (mocha)

The pockets are also cut off ♪ (Mocha)

Large hood (gray)

Although it looks simple at first glance, it is made with attention to detail.
Wooden buttons add a more natural feel. The thread is red! It's not just natural, it's a spicy impression. The buttonhole with plenty of presence is wrapped with uncut cloth. The two large pockets also have a fringe-like cut. The gently curved hem and large hood create a mature and relaxed feeling.

This attention to detail is the key to making a cardigan with a nice atmosphere...♪

You can choose from 28 different colors! It's fun to choose according to the season, such as pastel colors for spring and earth colors for autumn♪ (Click the color chart to enlarge)
Click to enlarge the color chart!
≪Depending on the type and environment settings of the computer monitor, the color of the actual product may differ slightly≫
Item Number JK-13
production area made in Japan
Material/processing 100% cotton / product dyed
Size and color development Men's S (equivalent to women's M), M, L 3 sizes, 28 colors in total

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