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[Choose from 5 colors] kobooriza Kobo Oriza Cotton 100% Tri-color Stole N [K-MF-TC03]

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€30,98 - €30,98
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Kobo Oriza, a workshop that creates stoles and scarves overflowing with originality using old-fashioned looms, has released cool stoles with unique weave patterns!

You can choose from 5 beautiful colors

It is woven with a watermarked "sky feather weave" that does not have weft threads at equal intervals. In addition to the watermarks of the sky feather weave, the design is conscious of the beauty when it is wound, such as the three-color coloring of the warp threads and the knotted "slub thread" passing through the weft threads.

It is made of 100% cotton and has good breathability. A casual scarf recommended for both men and women.

What is Akihaori?

The simplest and most basic weaving method in which the warp and weft threads are alternately raised and lowered. It is a technique that is widely applied because the tissue is strong and resistant to friction. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of weaving begins with plain weaving.

This tri-color stole is woven using the "Akiha weave," which is an applied technique of plain weaving, where the weft threads are partially reduced to create a rough and transparent part.

Just by wrapping it in a careless way, you can create an impressive neckline.

▲Wearing mustard

Every time you wear it, the roughness of the eyes changes, and you can enjoy various ways to wrap it. This item is especially popular with women, and it looks like it will go well with coordination that is conscious of a mature style that doesn't stretch too much. You can wear it casually, wrap it around your neck for a mature look, or put it on. Enjoy the style that suits you!

You can enjoy various weave expressions with just one piece.

▲Fabric expansion 1 (mustard)

▲Dough enlargement 2 (mustard)

▲The three colors are beautiful.

▲ You can enjoy various expressions of weaving.

▲The fringe is a rather thick bundle.

A dark part and a bright part. Each creates a beautiful gradation without being annoying. By randomly changing the coarseness of the weave and the thickness of the thread, a unique pattern is created.

The moderate thickness of the fringe creates a sense of volume, giving it a strong presence even with simple coordination.

About gift wrapping

We offer free gift wrapping for this item.
(The image is an image of our shop wrapping.)

About the lapping, it becomes entrusting you basically. Please note that the pattern of the wrapping paper and the color and shape of the ribbon may differ depending on the availability of wrapping materials.

If you would like wrapping, please enter "Wrapping hope" in the free entry field when ordering. Our staff will carefully wrap each item according to the item.

Please feel free to use it for celebrations such as birthdays, wedding gifts, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and anniversaries.

Points to note when ordering

It may take 1 to 2 weeks to produce and ship. (If you have to wait longer than that, we will inform you of the delivery date again.)

The weave is coarse, so please be careful not to get caught on buttons, earrings, necklaces, zippers, etc. If you are concerned about the misalignment, use your finger to gently trace the misaligned area.


■ Material: 100% cotton (made in Japan)
■ Colors: Brick Red, Mustard, Olive, Sky Gray, Fog Blue

■ Size Size: Approx. 40cm x 180cm (including fringe)
Weight: 70g
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