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Hand-dyed Meya Loop-knit Tenjiku Basque Shirt Striped Long-sleeve Off-white x Navy Men's/Women's [KL-001N]

Original price €83,63 - Original price €83,63
Original price
€83,63 - €83,63
Current price €83,63

[Made-to-order] 1 week to 10 days

Tezomeya” is a dyeing workshop in Kyoto that pursues dyeing with natural dyes. Natural dyes such as madder, pomegranate, yashabushi, gobaishi, and indigo are used to create simple monochromatic dyes, but the colors are complex and ambiguous, and the indescribably gentle colors are attractive. .

In addition, everything from materials to detailed designs, patterns, and sewing processes is original to the hand-dyed shop! The thread is 100% cotton, which is very compatible with natural dyes.

[9 colors in total] Naturally dyed hanging knitted cotton sheeting A refreshing border that has appeared as a non-dyed version of a basque shirt .
"Basque shirt" is originally a shirt worn by sailors in the "Basque region" that spans France and Spain. After that, that famous painter, Picasso used it habitually, and it is a model that became famous.

The striped cut-and-sew is now a familiar item, but the hand-dyed shop has added original accents based on the design technique that is firmly based on the basic design of this basque shirt, and completed it as a "hand-dyed shirt's border shirt". I am letting you.

Classic marine border color!

This shirt is made with a hanging knitting machine from Kanekichi Kogyo, which is familiar to hand-dyed fabric shops . Until now, the machine was only able to knit in one color, but the young team of Kanekichi Industries has brought out the potential of the knitting machine and developed a loop knitting machine that can knit border patterns! Mr. Aoki, the owner of the hand dyeing shop, also said, "This item is made possible by Kanekichi Kogyo."

The thread is made by twisting thick threads of 20 count (a unit that indicates the thickness of the thread), and the texture is rather thick and firm. By making it a loop-knit cotton sheeting, it becomes too hard, and it has a fluffy and soft finish that is comfortable to wear.

Basque shirts have various border designs, but this loop-knitted basque shirt has a design that “Picasso likes” with white areas around the shoulders and upper chest.
*The border part is not naturally dyed. The striped pattern is expressed by knitting yarn dyed in blue.

You can wear it with a beautiful silhouette

The thick and sturdy fabric is also the specialty of the hand dyeing shop. By making it thicker, the sewn sleeves and boat neck lines are clearly visible. Combined with points 1 and 2 in the details of each part below, you can wear it with a beautiful silhouette.

The horizontal lines are emphasized and the border looks fat, right? I think there are many people who are not good at it, but this basque shirt will cover your chubby body and will be a piece that suits everyone regardless of age or gender.

Isn't it an item that will trigger you to incorporate the fashionable Picasso style into your fashion?

The secret lies in the attention to detail

shoulder patch

fabric expansion

slits on both sides

Point 1: Another piece of fabric is applied to the back of the shoulder part. This is the basic design of the Basque shirt, and by doubling the shoulders, the firmness of the set-in is further emphasized and the shoulders are firm.

Point 2: By adding a long slit, the hem will look slightly wider from this slit.

The secret to a natural and beautiful silhouette line is these two.

Precautions before ordering
Since most of our products are made-to-order, it takes about 1 week to 10 days to produce and ship (if you have to wait longer than that, we will inform you of the delivery date). This product is well worth the wait, so please place your order after understanding and acknowledging it.

Item Number KL-001N
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton, made in Japan
size color The sizes are 155 (ladies' M), 165 (ladies' L), 175 (men's M), and 185 (men's L).
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