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[11 colors] Hand-dyed Meya Hanging knitted sheeting Naturally dyed organic cotton Raglan 3/4 sleeve cut and sew Men's Ladies [KL-008]

Original price €70,14 - Original price €80,36
Original price
€70,14 - €80,36
Current price €70,14

[Made-to-order] 3 weeks

▲Yellow 蘗色

▲ Gray cherry color

▲Red color

▲ Toki color

▲Panberry color

▲ Wisteria color

▲ Dull color

▲ Old bamboo color


▲ Sea pine color

▲Constitution Black

A raglan t-shirt for both men and women has been released with the same material and knitting as the standard hanging organic t-shirt of the hand-dyed shop.

Simple but comfortable organic cotton hanging sheeting fabric. By knitting rough-tasting organic cotton with a knitting machine called a “tsuri knitting machine,” it becomes a fabric with a unique taste called “tsuri tenjiku,” which is soft and has little settling.

Raglan is a design that is often used in sportswear, etc., where the fabric of the sleeve continues to the neck. Therefore, it is easy to move around the arm and it is comfortable to wear.

You can choose from a total of 11 colors that are deep and gentle with plant dyes.

The characteristic of the details is that the sleeves and hem are left uncut and become Kurun.

Wearing: Female (Kamadou-iro)

Raglan design with sleeves extending to the neck. hanata color

The uncut sleeves will be wrapped.

The hem is wrapped like the sleeves. tan color

The dyed fabric has a refreshing feel.

The t-shirt, which is made of organic cotton and natural dyes and has a unique taste, has a slightly relaxed atmosphere and is likely to become addictive to the touch.

As a detail feature, the sleeves and hem are left uncut and wrapped. Good atmosphere with casual feeling is good.

Originally cut fabric can be further cut as you like.
The point is to draw a line with a chalk pen and a ruler to make it easier to cut at the length (1 cm for sleeves, 3 cm for hem) after deducting the curl from the length you want to cut, and cut with scissors at once!

As you repeat washing, it will curl naturally.

Standard plain hanging organic T-shirt Short sleeve layered

Please check the handling precautions here .
We will provide a free dyeing service. Please check here for details.
Item Number KL-008
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
Hand-dyed with natural dyes Dyes: Indian madder, Yashabushi, Gobaishi, Pomegranate, Indian indigo, Binroji
Color Toki-iro, Nibi-iro, Fuji-nezu-iro, Oitake-iro, Ebizome-iro, Hanada-iro, Taniro 11 colors: Niiro, Haizakurairo, Kihadairo, Miruiro, and Kenbokuro
*Kenbokuro is +1,000 yen + tax.
size Men's S (Women's M-L), Men's M
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