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KS Handmade watch by Koji Shinohara, the representative of JHA Japan Handmade Watch Association.

Representative of JHA Japan Handmade Watch Association表
Watchmaker Koji Shinohara's handmade wristwatch

KS KS handmade wristwatch時計
Steampunk DOGUMA -Dogma- KS-SP-DO-DO]

Koji Shinohara, a pioneer of Japanese handmade watches and a watch writer who works on the watch brand KS KS, is fascinated by the original design and elaborate construction. Lost Future series reminiscent of a machine that seems to start moving A variety of handmade wristwatches are produced based on the concept of fusion of tradition and novelty, such as the Japanese clock series that suits everyday use as well as Japanese clothing.ション豊かな手作り腕時計を制作されています。

Mr. Koji Shinohara started making handmade watches when he met at a small watch factory in Hong Kong. When he was a trading company who got a job after graduating from university, he visited a watch assembly factory on a business trip to Hong Kong to sell parts. At that time, I saw 56 people who were busy assembling watches in a small room. Mr. Shinohara thought that a large-scale specialized equipment was needed to make a wristwatch. The moment he saw the scene, he felt that he could make a wristwatch.なものに感じたそうです。

Originally, Mr. Shinohara, who was a big watch lover who bought watches every time he went abroad, devoted himself to making watches for half a year since he met in Hong Kong. Gradually, the attention of the media such as magazines and televisions began to attract the attention of the media such as magazines and televisions, and young people who volunteered to become apprentices came to visit Mr. Shinohara as a watch writer.たちも訪れるようになります。

In 1997, JHA Japan Handcraft-Watch Association was established to support the artist's activities such as learning watchmaking techniques and supplying parts. Watch brands handled at craft cafes.時計ブランド、Masaaki Watanabe of Watanabe KoboGaTa watch smith Masatoshi gataguchi of GaTa watch smithさんJOIE INFINIE DESIGN Shintaro Ogo of JOIE INFINIE DESIGNさんMari Goto Mari GotoさんHidekazu Araki of ARKRAFT Arccraftさんipsilon Yoko Yamada from EpsilonさんAre people who learned to make watches from Mr. Shinohara and became independent as watch writers.です。

Even now, he is making efforts to nurture younger generations while producing his own works. Young people who aspire to be watch writers are adored by their masters and are playing an active role in the development of the world of handmade watches.されています。

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