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MIZRA Real clothes from Kyoto Bottoms, tops, hats, stoles, sandals

While feeling the tradition and culture of Kyoto, where they are based, they make full use of advanced fabric processing, dyeing, and graphic expressions to add a unique expression to the material.

MIZRA is a brand that originated in a fabric processing factory in Kyoto. Since 2001, as "mizra", we have been developing manufacturing that incorporates "Japanese" materials and techniques such as kimono fabrics and hand-painted Kyoto Yuzen into fashion with the concept of "Japanese-style western clothing".

In contrast to "mizra", which focuses on expressing "harmony" visually and directly, the new line "MIZRA" focuses on the deep spirituality that has been fostered in Japan. Through the creation of fashion, we express and propose the sensibility and aesthetics that are still alive in Japan, such as “wabi” and “sabi” that admire the “old colors” of materials that change over the years.

Various fabric processing and dyeing are applied to MIZRA items, but the aim is not simply to reproduce aging, but rather to create a “new expression”. This spirit is also reflected in the details. For example, even small parts such as buttons are made of materials that change over time, and are processed in a unique way. The more you use it for a long time, the more changes and discoveries you will make, and the more you become attached to it.

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