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pure blue japan Denim brand original jeans, pants, denim, skirts from Kurashiki and Kojima

pure blue japan pure blue japanン)
Denim brand from Kurashiki Kojimaド
Original jeans pants denim skirtカート

Pure blue japan Pure blue Japan Hyundai Omote Kenichi Iwatani, a brand that mainly develops jeans in Kurashiki Kojima, the home of domestic jeans, was launched in 1997 at the age of 25 after working as a fabric maker in Kojima. As the brand name blue japan indicates, we are making things with a strong attachment and commitment to the color blue.ったものづくりをされています。

It goes without saying that jeans are a color that is widely used in clothing, but pure blue japan thinks that it can show various expressions with a little ingenuity. Of course, the atmosphere of the blue will differ depending on the fabric and processing, and if it is jeans, it will change to a different blue depending on the wearer's body shape and lifestyle.ルーに変化していきます。

“Most of the items of pure blue japan are simple and basic, but by knowing the dyeing method and the characteristics of the weaving of the material fabric and modifying it, it is finished in a unique texture that is a bit different from other brands. Jeans that show a unique color and expression are filled with a dedicated feeling for blue and deep knowledge and experience about materials and dyeing.が込められています。

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