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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account



[Spring wallet special feature!!] Spring = Spring: "Money fills up your wallet." Spring is recommended for new wallets*

.:* Spring = Haru, “Spread your wallet with money” Spring wallet *:.
Spring is the time to get a new wallet!!

Did you know that there are auspicious days suitable for buying a new wallet or starting using it?

A hundred gods ascend to the heavens, and it is said to be the day when the heavens forgive the sins of all things.
"Ichiryu Manbaibi"
It is said to be a good day to start anything, especially for starting work, opening a store, sowing seeds, and making money.
"Tiger Day"
The fast-footed Tora is said to travel a thousand miles and return a thousand miles. It is said that the money will be returned or brought home.

Wishing for better financial fortune in the spring, making a new wallet is called a “spring wallet” and is said to be auspicious as it is similar to a “wallet filled with money”.

In this season, which is also the beginning of the four seasons, why don't you make a new wallet and start anew?

After all, it is a long wallet type ♪ It has a large capacity that can hold a passbook!

ANNAK Tochigi Leather Garson Long Wallet Beige

Tochigi Leather Garson Long Wallet Navy

ZOO round zipper long wallet
Italian Leather Embossed Block Plaid Caracal Wallet Green

ZOO Italian Leather Embossed Dot Pattern Caracal Wallet Round Zipper Long Wallet Brown

ZOO Italian leather embossed dot pattern cheetah wallet 2 L-shaped zipper long wallet green

Wallet using rare and rare leather!

ZOO Elephant Nose Leather Puma Wallet 20
Round Zipper Long Wallet Green

ZOO Elephant Leather Condor Wallet 3

Gamaguchi Long Wallet Black

ZOO birch leather
Dingo Medium Wallet 8 Bifold Wallet Brown

ZOO Kirin Leather Serval Wallet 3
Cover long wallet natural

For cashless payments and smartphone payments!! Compact and light mini wallet♪

[Free mail delivery] [7 colors]
Leather workshop PARLEY “ELK” Finnish elk
L-shaped zipper compact wallet

ANNAK Tochigi leather compact folio
Garson Wallet All Leather Red

ANNAK compact tri-fold
Mini Wallet Tochigi Leather All Leather Pink Silver

ANNAK Tochigi Leather One Action L-shaped Compact Wallet All Leather Navy

[Choose from 2 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY
“Parley Classic” horseshoe coin purse

At work or in the office!! Business wallet☆

Leather workshop PARLEY
“Parley Classic”
Bifold Wallet Premium Royal Blue

[Choose from 4 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY
“DEER SHIBU” bi-fold wallet

Leather workshop PARLEY
“Parley Classic”
Bifold long wallet premium (no coin purse) Georgia green

Leather workshop PARLEY
“Parley Classic”
Round Zipper Long Wallet Raspberry Red

ZOO Badgerville Fold 18
compact bi-fold wallet black

Butler Verner Sails
Horween Chromexcel Leather Round Bifold Wallet
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