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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account
500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

Father's Day gift feature

Compared to Mother's Day, I tend to forget about Father's Day. such "Father's Day" in 2022 is the third Sunday in June, Sunday, June 19th.
Show your appreciation and respect for your busy dad with a special gift for this occasion. Don't forget to say "thank you always" when handing it over. If you live far away, we recommend adding a message!

The craft cafe offers gift wrapping and message card services free of charge. Please let us know when ordering if you would like one. ≫ Click here for details on wrapping


leather items for suits

Leather Workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic” Shoehorn Keychain 6,160

Leather workshop PARLEY "Parley Classic" bi-fold long wallet premium royal blue 27,500

[Choose from 2 colors] Dady Tochigi Leather Twice Tannin Leather Belt Men's 35mm Width 12,980

Leather Workshop PARLEY Parley Classic Glasses Case 7,480

List of recommended leather items to match with suits

discerning casual fashion

graphzero Reversible Short Pants -Native- White 16,500

graphzero Artisan Overall Light Indigo 28,300

[Asuraku / 3 colors to choose from] Leather workshop PARLEY hunting hat deerskin (deerskin) 18,700

Discerning casual fashion recommended item list

unique handmade watches

KINO handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic black wine brown 37,400

Watanabe Kobo Handmade Watch Automatic Winding Back Skeleton Jumbo Brass "Open Heart" Roman Numeral Hand-sewn Belt 45,100

A list of unique handmade wristwatches recommended items