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COTOCUL Brand of small leather goods such as handmade leather wallets, coin purses, and business card holders.


"COTOCUL" is a brand that mainly develops leather accessories while sticking to made in Japan based on the concept of "creating things that customers can be proud of". It is also a sister brand of the Japanese pattern brand "Zen" from Kyoto .

COTOCUL is a coined word that combines ancient city (koto) + culture (culture). We want to bring the beauty of Kyoto, the ancient capital of manufacturing, where traditional techniques and culture have been handed down uninterruptedly, to the world. The desire to provide a higher class is included.

The main series is an item that uses black leather from Himeji, one of Japan's leading leather production areas. Traditionally used for armor, and today for high-end kendo armor, this robust leather is a highly rare leather that is made by repeatedly applying unevenness to the surface of Himeji's traditional white tanning, applying lacquer to it, and drying it. is.

Depending on the angle you look at it, the lacquer that has been applied to the surface shines brightly, so it is called a "leather diamond". increase.

COTOCUL's black leather is made by Mr. Sakamoto of Sakamoto Shoten, who makes martial arts tools in Himeji. In 2014, he was the first Japanese to win the Grand Prix in the Best New Leather category of the Hong Kong APLF Award MM&T Exhibition (Material Exhibition), and it is also used in the Paris Collection. became.

In addition, items that have been hand-dyed in Kyoto by hand-dyed craftsmen in Kyoto, one by one, with vivid colors, are made by craftsmen. The high-quality tailoring and vivid colors of the craftsmanship are attractive.

It is not just a leather accessory, but an item that you can use every day, and you will be able to enjoy traditional Japanese techniques for a long time.

COTOCUL Business Card Holder Black [KCM0002-BK]

Original price ¥12,800 - Original price ¥12,800
Original price
¥12,800 - ¥12,800
Current price ¥12,800

COTOCUL business card holder Kurozan leather Black [KCM0002-BK] This business card holder is made of "Kurozangawa" leather, which is a strong le...

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