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【木村拓哉さん主演ドラマ「風間公親-教場0-」第9話で登場】ARKRAFT(アークラフト) 手作り腕時計“PATRICE OCEAN-パトリス オーシャン-” プレミアムストラップ

[Appeared in the 9th episode of the drama "Kimichika Kazama-Kyojo 0-" starring Takuya Kimura] ARKRAFT handmade watch "PATRICE OCEAN-" premium strap

ARKRAFT Handmade Watch "PATRICE OCEAN" Premium Strap
Appeared in Fuji TV drama "Kimichika Kazama - Kyojo 0 - "

ARKRAFT's Hidekazu Araki's handmade watch "PATRICE OCEAN" has appeared in the Monday 9th drama "Kimichika Kazama -Kyojo 0-" broadcast from 9:00 on Monday, June 5, 2023. !!

"Kimichika Kazama -Kyojo 0-" is a popular series starring Takuya Kimura.
The original is a police novel set in a police academy.

Takuya Kimura plays Kimichika Kazama, a police academy instructor.

"Kyojo 0" depicts the time when Kimichika Kazama was a "criminal instructor" who instructed new detectives in the investigation scene before he was assigned to the police academy.

In episode 9, where this watch is used, ARKRAFT's watch "PATRICE OCEAN" appears as an item that has an important meaning in the story.
Worn by actress Akari Hayami.

Mr. Araki's stylish atelier is also used for filming.

If you missed it, please watch it on distribution sites such as TVer!

"PATRICE OCEAN" will also appear in the YouTube trailer for Episode 9.
(around 0:25 in the trailer video)


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