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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account



[Special feature on warm items that can be used until spring!!] We have also picked up warm items and Valentine's Day gifts that can be used throughout the season ☆

☆The spray cover has been well received☆
[Limited colors now available!!]
226 - Tsutsumu - Spray cover for your life typeA (A line)

In the second half of January, a cold wave hit, and Kyoto City was covered in a light snowy landscape.

We've picked up some warm items that can be used from the current season, when it's still cold, to spring!

Also, if you are looking for a gift to add to Valentine's chocolate on Tuesday, February 14th,
There's still time!!

Gift wrapping is available free of charge, so please feel free to let us know if you would like it.

☆Introducing new items☆

[Choose from 5 colors] REAL STANDARD life
Nylon ultra-lightweight x water-repellent mini shoulder bag Lumie SHOULDER BAG

[Two new colors now available!!]
Nylon super lightweight x water repellent shoulder tote bag “Lumie HELMETBAG” M size

[Choose from 5 colors] TSUKIKUSA key case wallet

[Choose from 5 colors] TSUKIKUSA
Multi-key case smart key storage 2 pieces coin purse included

[Limited color available!!] 226 - Tsutsumu -
Spray cover type A (A line) that encloses your life

It’s still cold!! Introducing warm items that can be used until spring☆


Yak wool x Supima cotton hand warmers for women

[Choose from 4 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
LOOP Cotton Scarf Women's Men's

[Choose from 5 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
Light Snood Wool Cotton Ladies Men's

[Choose from 6 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
8way wool cap for men and women

[Choose from 5 colors] 226 - Tsutsumu -

Haramaki that wraps around your stomach and shows off, organic cotton size M

[Choose from 5 colors] 226 - Tsutsumu -
Stretchy knit that hugs your stomach Haramaki Cotton Rayon Silk

226 - Tsutsumu - Stomach-hugging stretch knit long skirt with haramaki gray

ORGANIC GARDEN Yak x Supima Cotton Ribbed Leg & Arm Warmers

Silk material is a versatile item that can be used all year round!

[Choose from 6 colors] hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten
KOHARU Fluffy silk neck warmer that cares for your skin

[Choose from 4 colors] hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten
GINGA eco silk soft gloves ladies

[Choose from 11 colors] hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten
GINGA Eco Silk Arm Warmers Women's

[Choose from 11 colors] hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten

GINGA Eco Silk Wrist Warmer “Short” Women’s

[Choose from 5 colors] hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten
CLOVER-Z Silk Linen Ribbed Socks Ladies

.:*February's events are Valentine's Day*:.
For those who don't like sweet things...and for those who want to add a small gift to chocolate...
We have collected the perfect gifts!!

Click here for the Valentine's Day gift special page!

Speaking of events in February, it's Valentine's Day.
“Wouldn’t it be lonely just having chocolate?”
“I want to add a gift to express my gratitude.”
For those who are thinking...☆

We have picked up some gifts that you can feel free to give and feel the warmth of manufacturing!!

Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic”
Card & smart key case

[Choose from 3 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY
“Parley Classic” Shoehorn Keychain

[Choose from 5 colors] TSUKIKUSA Thin business card holder [Nazuna]

Re-ACT Alaska leather glasses case

Yamato Aizome bi-fold money clip wallet (with coin purse)

[Choose from 2 colors] Dady
Tochigi Leather Twistannin Leather Belt Men's 35mm width

Bronze sculpture artist Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's ring stand "Koi no Uta."

We offer free wrapping!!
Please feel free to let us know if you have any requests!!

This image is an image of our store wrapping,
Please note that wrapping specifications may vary depending on the availability of packaging materials and the size of the product.

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