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poussette Gamaguchi 2.9 inch “Large Dot Rouge Somble” [g29100017]

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€20,65 - €20,65
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poussette Gamaguchi 2.9 sun “Large Dot Rouge Somble”

Daisuke Ogawa of poussette is a popular Gamaguchi artist who works with the concept of "something that gently colors time and space."

"Poussette" means "stroller" in French. Embraced in the environment of Kyoto, where time flows slowly, we feel the change of seasons, people and the workings of nature. is being worked on.

Mr. Ogawa of Psett asked, "Isn't it possible to integrate Japanese traditions, wisdom and ingenuity that have been passed down from generation to generation into modern life?" It is produced with Mr. Ogawa's sensibility. Selecting rare imported fabrics and dead stock fabrics with a unique sensibility, Mr. Ogawa himself handles everything from pattern production to sewing.

The materials used for the clasps are diverse, including cotton, linen, and wool, and the designs and colors are also rich in variations. Fabrics are also produced in various places such as Japan, the United States, Spain, and Poland. The outer material and the lining of the purse are different, and Mr. Ogawa selects what he thinks is the most beautiful from countless combinations of textures, colors, and patterns.

Front of clasp

Perfect size for small items such as coins and keys

Gamaguchi outer and lining

A size that can hold a lot of coins

The deep red color of rouge and the regularly arranged large dot pattern give off an elegant atmosphere. The inside is navy blue with white pin dots, creating a calm atmosphere against the elegant atmosphere of the outer material.

This 2.9-sun size fits perfectly inside a 4.5-sun bag, so we recommend combining it as a parent-child purse to put coins in the 2.9-sun bag and bills and cards in the 4.5-sun bag.
Even if it is only 2.9 inches, it can be used for coin purses, pill cases, key cases, etc.

Cute to use together

2.9 inch and 4.5 inch can be combined into a wallet

By combining different sized hooks, you can expand the range of uses.
A 2.9-inch purse can fit inside the 4.5-inch purse, so bills and cards can be put into the 4.5-inch purse, and coins can be neatly stored in the 2.9-inch purse.
In addition, the 3.3 inch chain is a cute purse that can be attached to a bag like a mini pouch or accessory.

Click here for “Large Dot Rouge Somble” 4.5 inch

Click here for “Large Dot Rouge Somble” with 3.3 inch chain

About gift wrapping

(This image is an image of our wrapping. It depends on the availability of packaging materials.)

We offer free gift wrapping for this item.

About the lapping, it becomes entrusting you basically. Please note that the pattern of the wrapping paper and the color and shape of the ribbon may differ depending on the availability of wrapping materials.

If you would like wrapping, please enter "Wrapping hope" in the free entry field when ordering. Our staff will carefully wrap each item according to the item.

Please feel free to use it for celebrations such as birthdays, wedding gifts, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and anniversaries.

Notes on ordering and handling
[Delivery time] This product is handmade one by one, and basically it will be produced after you place an order, and it will take about 2 weeks to deliver. Depending on the order status, it may take more than a month to produce. Please feel free to contact us for the delivery date.
We make every effort to maintain inventory, but due to the use of rare dead stock fabrics and imported fabrics, we may not be able to produce the same item (such as changing the lining) when an item is out of stock. Please feel free to contact us for stock status and delivery date.
Depending on how the fabric is taken, the placement of the pattern differs one by one. The fabric is cut in consideration of the balance of the pattern so that the impression does not change depending on the product.
Item Number g29100017
Material/processing Base: brass (antique gold)
Interlining: Firm Outer fabric: 100% cotton, made in Japan Lining: 100% cotton, made in Japan
size Width 10.5cm x Height 8.5cm

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